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Full Stack Web Development (Course code: ALS05211116)

The growing industry demands versatility and flexibility in all domains of technology and management. Individuals possessing talent of understanding and connecting the various compartments of the trade get ahead in the race and are highly sought after. This industrial trend has led to the development of Full Stack Web Development Technologies. In essence, the Full Stack development concept relates to the ability of a developer to work in various domains and parts of a particular product, business or service development. It is important to understand that a full stack web developer does not only work on web programming or website development. It is a much wider domain which may even involve business and service development and providence through the web.

The knowledge of Full Stack Web Development does not relate to the acquisition of sub-surface knowledge of various domains. A Full Stack developer essentially has in-depth knowledge in the core competencies and working knowledge of all other domains required to create the entire system. In this age of industrial and technological excellence it becomes highly important that all the different elements of a particular product, business model or service model work in a harmonious manner and connect efficiently and effectively. This is only possible if the individual working on the development has understanding of all the domains apart from his/her own core expertise. An effective product only works to its fullest efficiency when all the building elements work in harmony with each other. This is the very job of a Full Stack developer, to ensure harmony between the various building blocks.

There are a number of layers or components of the system or stack. These components are termed as the layers of the stack, hence the term "Full Stack Development". A Full stack developer works not only in the backend or the front end but on various other domains. His work starts by understanding the need of the users and consumer feedback and goes through the creation of business logic, user interface and data modeling. The Full stack developer then has to take care of the hardware aspects of the process involving the online launch through servers, networks and hosting environment.

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Course overview

This full stack web development course is structured keeping in mind that the trainee is well versed in at-least one core competency. The full stack developer online course takes the trainees through all the aspects of web development involving programming languages, front and back end development, Mobile app development and server side developments. The course is constructed with focus on establishing and introducing relations between the different aspects of the web developments.

Overview and introduction to scripting languages

  • Creating web pages through HTML elements
  • Applying CSS to various parts of the web page for display and behavior manipulation
  • Programming interactive JavaScript in a web page

Understanding front end web UI frameworks and tools

  • Setting up, designing and styling web pages using bootstraps and its components.
  • Understanding responsive web page designing
  • Using web tools to set up and manage websites

Use of Front end JavaScript Frameworks: AngularJS

  • Familiarizing with client side JavaScript frameworks and the MVC design patterns
  • Implementing single page applications in AngularJS
  • Understanding the use of various Angular features including directives, filters, controllers, scope and routing methods
  • Understanding the use of functional front-end web application using AngularJS

Enabling the use of multiplatform mobile app development using web technologies

  • Building mobile applications which can work on multiple platforms with one codebase
  • Leveraging HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and AngularJS skills
  • Understanding the use of various ionic framework features to build hybrid mobile applications

Development of server side with NodeJS

  • Understanding the server side concepts of CRUD and REST
  • Building and configuring a backend server with the help of NodeJS framework
  • Building a RESTful API to allow the backend services to access the frontend
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