Transport Insourcing Projects Catalogue

The burgeoning transport sector demands rapid problem solving and technology integration. Aurelius Corporate Solutions aims to solve such organizational and technological problems through the extensive and sophisticated insourcing solutions. Having provided such solutions to organizations all over the globe, we have an impeccable knowledge store house and track record. All our solutions are targeted towards the returns and revenue growth that the organizational client will experience. With over 37 % of revenue returns experienced by our clients, our insourcing solutions in the Transport domain provide amazing ROI through the high Internal Rate of Returns(IRR) included in our service model.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Air carrier selection Criteria
Bar coding identification systems
Consignment Inventory
Correct application of Incoterms
Driver CPC and driver licensing
Effective use of consolidation
Establishing inventory levels
Improving warehousing productivity
Inventory accuracy and cycle counting
Inventory management effectiveness measures
Inventory management systems
Managing Logistics (Transport, Materials Storage & Handling)
Managing truck delivery operations
Measuring transportation performance
National and international haulage operations
Objectives of supply chain management
Obtaining insurance coverage
Obtaining the benefits of standardization
Ocean carrier selection criteria
Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS)
Operator licensing system requirements
Overcoming barriers to performance
Quality assurance
Radio frequency identification systems
Remedies for non-performance
Road safety
Road Transport Operations
Rules surrounding the movement of goods
Supplier location and selection
Supplier managed inventory
Supplier management
Technical standards of haulage operations
The key steps in purchasing
Transport Logistics
Types of contracts and purchase orders
Utilizing ABC analysis
Utilizing modern tracking technology
Utilizing warehouse systems
Vehicle and workplace transport safety in road haulage
Vehicle maintenance systems and driver defect reporting
Warehouse functions
Warehouse layout

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