Prominent Robotics Projects Delivered

Being at the center of the technology and in the capacity of being the storehouse of knowledge base of technology and development in the industry, Aurelius Corporate Solutions creates provides consultative insourcing solutions in the domain of robotics which are at par with the global standards of research and technology. These solutions are structured and have been instrumental in solving technology and organizational issues of the client organizations and meeting their technology needs in the most impeccable manner possible. Believing in tangible returns, Aurelius makes sure that the services provided have an amazing return on the investments made and our records show that all our insourcing solutions have been able to provide a return of approximately 35 to 40 percent to the client organizations in this domain. This ROI and Internal Rate of Return is what we focus our services on.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of projects delivered to various multinational companies across the globe , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Robotics Operating System
CONTROL of Mobile robots
Control of link robots
Path Planning of robots
Control of link Robots
Advanced linear control of robots
Advanced non linear control of robots
Lidar camera caliberation
Design & implement IoT solutions
Electronic Circuits
de-mining robot
Robotics Programmer
Robot Android

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