Research & Development Insourcing Projects Catalogue

Aurelius Corporate Solutions always puts immense impetus on the growth and development of the industry through Research and Development in one and all domains. We have inculcated over the years the knowledge and resources which enable us to provide organizations in virtually every domain with capabilities to conduct research and development in their fields. This is done through dedicated insourcing solutions which are built from the storehouse of our resources and knowledge. Research and Development lies at the core of industrial growth and Aurelius understands its importance. These services and solutions come with surety to provide immense technological growth and revenue return in the form of ROIs and IRRs for the organizations without exception.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Advanced Digital Signal Processing
Analog & Mixed Signal Design
Android based Applications Development
ARM Controllers
ASIC Front End Design and Verification
ASIC Physical Design and Verification
Automotive Embedded Systems
Automotive R&D
Building a research culture
Clinical development
CMOS Technology & ASIC Design
Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM)
Control of aerial robots
Control of link robots
Control of mobile robots
Creativity and Innovation Cell
Data Access and Pharmaceutical Innovation
Design, testing, verification and implementation
Development of research policies and procedures
Digital Image Processing
Drug Development
Drug Formulations
DSP Architecture
DSP Processors
Embedded Java
Embedded Linux
Embedded Systems
Engineering R&D
Enhanced planning and processes
Establishing a research management office
FPGA based Application Development
FPGAs for Embedded Systems
Full Custom Layout and Verification
Gas Processing
HDL and Processor Design
Healthcare R&D
Image Processing and its Applications
Infection Control (Includes RIDDOR & COSHH)
Information Technology R&D
Linux Device Driver
Linux Kernel Internals
Managing Information Security
Manufacturing R&D
Market Value determination
Matlab and Simulink
Medical Imaging
Mobile Applications Development
Multimedia and SOC design
Network Applications & Protocols
Neural Networks with Matlab
Pharmaceuticals R&D
Pitch Book (Sell/Buy/IPO)
Process Technician Operations and Maintenance
Product Design Cell
Quality assurance
R&D Operations
R&D Project Management
Real Time Systems Engineering
Strategic planning for the growth of research
Topical and Inhalation Dosage
Translational Medicine
UDS Protocol

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