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Agile Scrum Online Training

Agile is inherently a methodology which involves the procedures and techniques for developing and managing software in an iterative manner depending on the requirements and solutions of the consumers. It involves the collaboration and co-operation between the various components of a self-organizing cross functional team. This Agile Scrum online training lets go of the traditional, deterministic planned approach of software development and follows a method in which frequent inspections and adaptations take place. It makes sure that accountability and self organizations are taken into consideration in order to rapidly deliver high quality products while aligning the customer needs with the company goals. The agile manifesto was developed by fourteen prominent figures in the software development industry stemming from their experience of what works in software development and what does not.

The Scrum framework is a brainchild of the Agile manifesto and is a lightweight framework which is used for software development based on agile methodology. It is one of the most used Agile frameworks present in the market and comes with its own set of benefits and tools. The Agile Scrum process follows specific concepts and practices which can broadly divided into three categories of Roles, Time boxes and Artifacts. Scrum is effectively used to manage complicated software and product development with the help of iterative and incremental procedures. With the help of Scrum, the productivity is significantly increased and the time for development decreases relative to the 'waterfall' process.

Using Scrum, developers can easily adapt to the changing requirements of the consumers in a smooth manner while creating products that also meets their organization's business needs. Scrum significantly increases the product quality while providing flexibility and adaptation towards changes. It provides better estimations for the product delivery and decreases the time spent on creating such estimation. With Scrum, there is more control of the project schedule and the states.

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Course overview

The Agile Scrum online and corporate training is an intensive, Agile Scrum training program which is specially structured for professionals planning to make a career in Agile software development and have tight work schedules. This course is highly interactive and provides a comprehensive as well as elementary knowledge about the Agile methodologies and the various iterative concepts and procedures involved. The Agile Scrum platform is elaborated upon based on the Agile methodologies and its various features and tools are explained. The training course takes a practical and applicative approach towards the technology while going through its various aspects.

  • A History on Waterfall Development
  • So Why Agile? The Value Proposition
  • Agile values and principles
  • What is Scrum? What are the Roles? What is the Process?
  • Deep Dive into the Product Owner Role
  • Expectations from You
  • Time Management for the busy Product Owner!
  • Your Expectations of the Team
  • Business Users and SMEs
  • Defining a Vision and Conditions of Satisfaction
  • Building The Story Backlog
  • Best Practices for Identifying and Writing Stories
  • Writing Acceptance Tests
  • How to do User Acceptance Testing
  • Being a 'Leader' and Setting Goals
  • Motivating High Performing Teams
  • Understand the Agile life cycle, roles and processes
  • Learn the key Leadership Triangle roles and expectations
  • Learn the Role of an Agile Manager and expectations-Brainstorm and discuss common challenges with this role transition
  • Learn top ways and models other companies have used to address challenges
  • Understand why Servant Leadership and Facilitation skills are critical to success
  • Learn key skills needed for People Development and Coaching
  • Learn key skills needed for Process Improvement
  • Develop a clear change management plan for this role transition
  • The Agile Values and Principles Refresher
  • The Agile Life-cycle End to End
  • Comparing Agile Roles to Traditional Roles
  • What an Effective Scrum-Master Looks Like
  • What are Self-Organizing Teams
  • Top Challenges Leading Self-Organizing Teams
  • Servant Leadership-Letting Go of Command and Control
  • Assessing the Team Structure and Roles
  • Creating a Collaborative Environment
  • Assessing and Coaching on Team Dynamics
  • Protecting the Team from Outside Disturbances
  • Coaching on Basic Agile Practices and Principles
  • Assessing the Backlog and Coaching on Effective Requirements
  • Assessing and Coaching on Agile Engineering Practices
  • Listening for Impediments
  • Effective Tracking and Reporting
  • Running Effective Retrospectives
  • Practical 'We Should Try' 'We Should Stop' Action Items

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