SCM for pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical industry is a specialized setup which requires sophisticated technologies and methodologies that go into the development of a drug product. The supply chain management process the pharmaceutical industry in itself is also a sophisticated process which requires specific knowledge as the raw materials and finished products of the pharmaceutical industry have varying shelf life and the shelf life is extremely critical which can lead to high profit-high loss scenarios. Apart from the general concepts of supply chain management, a number of other specific concepts are also needed which make a robust and effective SCM model for any pharmaceutical organization. Thus, a workforce adept in both the generic concepts of pharmaceutical industry and the specific requirements of the pharmaceutical industry is required to effectively model the SCM model. Aurelius Corporate Solutions can perform this task of delivering the workforce with the ability and knowledge to develop the aforementioned SCM Models. These knowledge resources can be delivered through consultative insourcing solutions which are constructed from scratch by Aurelius to suit the exact needs and demands of the client organization. The end aim is to empower the workforce of the client to provide a prennial solution which provides very high returns in the long run.