Electronic Trial Master file

Electronic Trial Master file or eTMF is a content management system which is applicable and used in the pharmaceutical industry. It provides the means of developing the organizational structure and storage of documents, images and various other digital formats. eTMF incorporates various strategies, methods and tools which are required to work throughout the lifecycle of the regulated content of the clinics. Various kinds of software and hardware facilities are included in the management of the regulated clinical trial content. Pharmaceutical organizations all over the globe have endorsed eTMF on a very wide scale and it has now become a standard process for managing regulated content over their content management models and consequently dealing with their processes. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been dealing with various segments and domains of the Pharmaceutical industry for a long time and have inculcated an in depth and comprehensive knowledge base of resources which they put to use to develop insourcing solutions which are highly beneficial for the organizations. These insourcing solutions are meant to empower the workforce of the client and further solve all their organizational and operational issues in order to improve upon the work model of the client organization. This consequently provides a high Return on the Client's Investment in the insourcing solution and thus a high Internal Rate of Return is promised.