API solubility and Bio Availability

Solubility is a major issue which formulation scientists come across. The drugs which are created and formulated must be present in the form of solution itself at the site of absorption. Particle technologies need to be employed in order to improve the poor aqueous solubility of drug compounds which limits the bio-availability of the drug. All such things require profound and comprehensive knowledge in the domain of API solubility and BioAvailability for the formulation scientists. Pharmaceutical organizations essentially require such professionals who are adept in the latest technologies and concepts of API solubilities and BioAvailability. Aurelius Corporate Solutions can provide knowledge and information in the domain of API solubility and Bioavailability through consultative insourcing solutions which can be constructed as per the exact requirements and needs of the client without any hassles. These insourcing solutions in API Solubility and Bioavailibility will empower the workforce of the organization itself, thus eliminating the need of 3rd party vendors and outsourcing procedures. This will lead to a very high ROI for the client through an impeccable Internal Rate of Return integrated in the insourcing solution itself.