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Pharmaceutical Technology Insourcing Projects Catalogue

Meeting the rising demands of the Pharmaceutical industry, Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been instrumental in developing and providing consultative insourcing solutions which have solved numerous technological and organizational issues of pharmaceutical organizations. We believe in results which are tangible and all our insourcing solutions have provided a Return On Investment of over 39% to all our organizational clients in the pharmaceutical domains. This is done through the immense cost cutting and impeccable Internal Rate of Return (IRR) that our solutions provide. We make this happen by enabling the very workforce of the organizations to empower their business.

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Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Automated Solutions in Pharma
Drug Formulations
e-Archiving and Data Storage Solutions
E-Clinical Products and Reporting Systems
Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)
Ethics, Philosophy & Values
Fluid Flow Operations
Gamma Irradiation Technology for Sterilization of APIs
Genetic Engineering and Pharma cogenomics
HPLC Method Development Software for the Pharmaceutical Industry
Intellectual Property Rights
Management Solutions
Marketing-Leading Software for Pharmaceutical Process Life-Cycle Management
Molecular Testing and Drug Delivery Solutions
New Technology for API Solubility and Bioavailability
Pharmaceutica l Chemistry
Pharmaceutica l Dosage Forms
Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms
Pharmaceutical GMP
Pharmaceutical GMP Audits and Self-Inspections
Pharmaceutical Industries
Pharmaceutical PAT Sensor
Pharmaceutical Production Management
Process Control and Operations
QP Module
Quality Professionals and QPs
Risk-Based Decision Making for
SCM for Pharmaceutical Industry
Security Engineering, Brand Protection, and Track and Trace Systems
Titration, Volt ammetry and Ion Chromatography Services
Total Quality Management
Unit Process iOrganic Synthesis
Validation in Pharma

Industry Wise Technical Insourcing Projects Delivered