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Microsoft SQL server 2016 (Course code: ALS1211116)

Microsoft SQL server is the newest Relational Database Management System from the stables of Microsoft. The software comes with the Microsoft promies that the technology and tools involved in the software are highly effective and efficient. The primary function of this software like any other DBMS remains the storing and retrieval of data as requested by other software applications. Microsoft SQL server, however, does this task with much ease and a lot of flexibility. A lot of versions of Microsoft SQL server have been launched and almost all have been highly effective. The last one goes a one step higher by integrating big data and data warehousing along with increased business intelligence and advanced analytics.

The relational engine of the 2016 version has been improved immensely with compatibility with JSON formatted data giving it the required flexibility. It makes use of dynamic data masking and row level security along with a feature called Always Encrypted. The information management system involved in 2016 integrates both SQL server integration services and Master Data services.

While developing this version, Microsoft has focused on the contemporary important trends of database in the market like in-memory database engine operation, Big Data/Hadoop integration, NoSQL/document storage, in-database analytics, machine learning and much more. It includes the provisions of insertion of data, query, update and delete, schema creation and modification along with data access control. Microsoft has also provided procedural elements which will allow multi-tasking to provide better proficiency and efficiency in terms of time management. It is supposedly one of the most comprehensive data base management tools available in the market today. It aims to unify experience by integrating a lot of elements and employing hybrid solutions for relational data base management.

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Course Details

This is a Microsoft SQL server certification course which trains the individuals in the use and application of data base management tools. A short basic introduction to RDBMS is also done but, in order to learn SQL server it is expected that trainees will have a working knowledge of RDBMS. The various tools and procedures of MS SQL server 2016 are explored and in-depth explanation of all the elements is done.


  • Relational database server goals
  • SQL server architecture
  • SQL server Services
  • SQL server Admin tool

Overview of database objects

  • Database (system &custom)
  • Data Types
  • Tables, indexes, constraints, default values, identity columns
  • Views, programmability (store procedure, Functions, triggers)
  • SSIS (SQL server Integration Service)
  • Designing a database: a. Normalization b. Referential integrity

Overview of Structured query language in SQL

  • Data definition language: a. Create/alter/drop database b. Create/alter/drop tables, temporary table, table variable, CTE, Views
  • Data manipulation language: Insert, update, delete, select

Retrieving data

  • Single table queries
  • Where
  • Joins
  • Groupings
  • Having
  • Order

Data control language

  • Commands that control a database
  • Including admin privileges
  • Committing data in brief
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