Manufacturing chips and boards involving Very Large Scale Integration(VLSI) of smaller elements and components is a very sophisticated task and requires in depth knowledge in the domain of both VLSI and manufacturing design through CAD in order to accomplish the task. Organizations working in VLSI SCADA require professionals who are well versed in the CAD development of VLSI systems with ease and efficiency. With a number of tools now available in the industry to develop CAD designs of VLSI systems, it is only a matter of knowledge inculcation to work with these tools. Aurelius corporate Solutions can act as the knowledge solution integrators and consultative insourcing solutions provider to empower the client's workforce and in extrapolation the organization in developing systems which are highly comprehensive and provide both practical know how and theoretical knowledge of the principles of VLSI CAD design. The insourcing solutions come with an integrated high internal rate of return which can provide them with a high returns on their investments.