Solidworks is currently the leading CAD design tool when it comes to designing solitary parts and assembly parts. It is used far and wide across the industry and has been acclaimed in almost all organizations working in the manufacturing industry. With timely updates and upgrades, the tool provides the most advanced and user friendly features of designing CAD parts which can directly be translated and transported into manufacturing processes to be manufactured. It also comes with a simulation module to perform some preliminary basic simulations to assess the structural properties of the parts before it can be sent for manufacturing. Professionals proficient in solidworks can be a very important and necessary asset to organizations of the manufacturing domain. Understanding the requirements and needs of manufacturing industry, Aurelius Corporate Solution can structure consultative insourcing solutions in solidworks at par with the global industry. The insourcing solution is meant to deliver both knowledge and hands on experience to the professional workforce of the client thus enabling it to grow their organization and empower it to develop better products and deliver better services.