Pro-E is one of the leading CAD design tools which is used in the industry to undertake designing procedures which eventually would go into the manufacturing process. Pro-E also helps in performing manufacturing design by specifying the type of the manufacturing process to be used. Pro-E comes with a lot of features and tools which help the users to undertaken design procedures in a very efficient manner which are manufacturing compliant. Pro-E can also be used as a digital manufacturing tool to generate the machine codes which will be used for running the machines when the raw material is loaded on to the manufacturing machine. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has provided a number of consultative insouricng solutions in Pro-E tool to organizations all over the globe as per their specific requirements. Depending on the type of industry and the manufacturing procedures involved, the insourcing solution can be customized to level 3 to ensure that the end aims and goals of the client are met. These insourcing solutions are meant to enable the very workforce of the client thus solving their internal organizational and operational issues and thus increasing their revenue generation.