Intellectual property rights in the manufacturing industry is something which is taken extremely seriously and has to be worked with at all stages and in all manners to ensure that the organization's IP is protected from being stolen and duplicated. Patenting procedures are complex for the Indian nation and for all other countries too. Thus, patenting procedures require to be extremely streamlined and fool-proof considering the high-risk high-gain factors involved in intellectual property. The professionals involved in patenting procedures need to have comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of all the finer details and ins and outs of the laws and regulations which govern the patenting procedures so that there are no loopholes left in the patent applications. Most of these tasks are outsourced to third party vendors by the manufacturing organizations which thus lose control over their products and face the risk of leakage of information any and many forms. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been instrumental in developing a large number of such solutions which can enable the very workforce of the organization itself in undergoing the various patenting procedures and filing patents which are fool-proof and are without any loopholes. The end aim is to protect the intellectual property of the client organization by imparting information and knowledge in the domain.