Model based Systems Engineering

The concepts of Model Based Systems Engineering include the principles of digital manufacturing and design. Using a number of principles and concepts such as vision system, geometry design and more., the analysis, verification and validation activities for the various processes of the design and manufacturing procedure can be performed. A model based design approach for manufacturing can be used very effectively to achieve better roadmaps to manufacturing processes which are efficient and lead to minimal waste generation and increased production rates and growth. This domain requires the knowledge of Digital manufacturing and various digital technologies Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been instrumental in developing a large number of such consultative insourcing solutions to be delivered across the globe to organizations of all shapes and sizes and help them solve all kinds of organizational and operational issues that they may come across. The solutions are meant to empower and enable the organization's own workforce to work on the development of model based manufacturing process which is in line with the principles of systems engineering. Since there is no outsourcing and 3rd party vendors involved, the ROI on the insourcing solutions are very high and are delivered within a few months of post solution completion.