Mass Customization

Mass customization is the new age requirement of the customers who are becoming more and more pronounced in their thoughts and requirements to have custom goods and products. Mass customization in manufacturing is achieved through computer aided designing and computer aided manufacturing wherein the product is customized as per the order and the changes are made in the design through the CAM system and fed into the manufacturing machines. Mass customization is becoming an increasingly important principle in the manufacturing industry delivering high quality products as per the exact requirements of the client and customers. Aurelius Corporate Solutions with its decade long expertise and knowledge in the manufacturing sector has a knowledge base which can be used to source consultative insourcing solutions in the domain of Mass customization as applied in the manufacturing processes so that the organizations can enter the domain of customized goods productions and benefit greatly from the advantages involved. Delivered through highly experienced subject matter experts, the insourcing solutions can solve any and all organizational and operational problems of the client organization.