Manufacturing Micro Master

Manufacturing micromaster is essentially a power packed consultative insourcing solution which is in-line with the various micro-master programs in manufacturing being conducted by the academia but with a touch of the industry implementations. The solution consists of almost all principles of manufacturing such as process control, production flow, supply chain and basic manufacturing finances. These knowledge in these principles are provided in a comprehensive manner with all the ins and outs described and provided to the participants such that they are crystal clear with the fundamentals. More-over, the practical know-how and practical experience is imparted to the workforce of the client organizations so that they get industry ready to implement the principles and concepts. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has always been the vangaurd of being the problem solves of the industry and in the Manufacturing domain, we have provided some very complex insourcing solutions solving problems for our client organizations. These solutions are delivered through highly acclaimed professionals who have been working in this industry for a long time and can impart not just the theoretical knowledge but the practical know how itself too. The solution is meant to empower the workforce of the client and provide high Returns on the Investments such that the client benefits in a perpetual manner from the solution.