Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma has been used as a very effective method of developing operational models which are able to derive the best possible results from any resource and operation and consequently increase production and development. Lean six sigma is essentially a collaborative method which provides ways in which the waste production is reduced in order to increase the overall production of the procedure. The process is entirely a combination of the lean manufacturing and six sigma. Through the process of the Lean Six Sigma, the eight kinds of wastes can be reduced and the production processes can be improved upon. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been responsible for developing comprehensive Lean Six Sigma consultative insourcing solutions which can enable the workforce of the client itself to deliver lean six sigma compliant procedures and operations to the organization. This can help solve a number of operational and organizational problems of the client organization and that too from within the organization itself. This results in very high ROI from the solution and an equally high Internal Rate of Return.