Investigation and Failure analysis

Investigation of manufacturing defects and probable failure points in a manufactured product or in the manufacturing process itself is a high risk high gain task. Failures in the product or the manufacturing process is a high risk scenario which needs to be avoided to all cost. This can only be done if the failures and damages that have occurred in the past are properly investigated, analyzed and extrapolated to be included in the future processes. Only through such investigations and failure analysis can the manufacturing process be refined and improved upon in an iterative process. Structured procedures and methodologies are required in order to undergo a proper investigation and failure analysis. Implementing these procedures can very easily help organizations achieve better manufacturing operational models which have very less failure risks and high success rates. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has been inculcating knowledge and information resources over the years which can be used as data to develop models for investigation and failure analysis which can be used by organizations to help them improve upon their manufacturing operations. The entire insourcing solution is delivered through highly trained professionals who have been working in the industry for a long time and can deliver both knowledge/information and practical know how of the highest quality.