Intelligent Machining

The growing digital age and intelligent technologies has had a significant impact on the manufacturing process and industry itself. Intelligent machining has been seeing a new age and development with the sophisticated technologies that are growing over the years. Intelligent machining essentially involves the implementation of several technologies such as automation, robotics, vision and perception in the manufacturing process leading it to be more accurate and efficient that manual machining or computerized machining ever was. Intelligent machining can be taken as a step ahead of CNC machining and involves a number of sensors and instrumentation to achieve the feat. The procedures involved require knowledge and understanding of new age technologies and hands-on expertise in tools which are integrated with the intelligent machining system. Aurelius Corporate Solutions with its deep rooted ties in the global industry plays the vital role of sourcing such advanced technological know how and information and structure it into a consultative insourcing solution to be delivered to organizations. These insourcing solutions perform the task of empowering the employees of any organization so that they are able to deliver the required work proficiencies to the organization and help it grow thus solving the many operational and organizational problems.