Ducting design

Ducting Design is a highly sophisticated domain of work which requires proficiencies in multi-disciplinary domains. The professionals working in duct design need to take care of multiple factors which are to be taken into consideration such as ventilation, drag, effective cooling and more. On the basis of the various performance parameters the designs are to be done on the basis of the existing infrastructure of the establishment the ducting design is to be created and manufactured. Considering the knowledge and resource requirements of the domain, it is important that the workforce is well versed and trained in the design and development of ducts and take care of the finer details of the procedures. Being market leaders in the domain of industry insourcing and resource and knowledge inculcation, Aurelius Corporate Solutions can develop completely customized consultative insourcing solutions in the domain of duct design and manufacturing from scratch. The insourcing solution is to be delivered by Subject Matter Experts who are industry professionals working in the domain for extensive periods of time.