Catia is one of the more advanced tools of computer aided design and is used in some of the top organizations all over the globe especially in the automotive industry. Catia specializes in surfacing design which makes it extremely helpful in body work designing and product development. Aurelius Corporate Solutions has delivered a large number of consultative insourcing solutions in CATIA all over the globe solving some very complex problems of organizational clients while doing so. This consultative insourcing solution is delivered through highly trained experts of the industry who have been working with CATIA all over the globe. Since CATIA is only a software tool, the consultative insourcing solution will be built from scratch as per the requirements of the organization and the domain in which the organization works. This solution is heavier on the practical hands-on side and and will include extensive practical sessions under the guidance of the Subject Matter Experts. Our insourcing solutions are sourced from the powerful knowledge base and resources we have inculcated over the years and the global deep rooted industrial ties we have built.