CAE product design development

Computer aided engineering or CAE mostly involves the analysis and digital testing of products developed through the CAD tools. It becomes very essential that the products developed and to be fabricated are tested over CAE software and tools before moving on to the actual fabrication and manufacturing. This ensures that the products and parts have minimal chances of failures and all the test case scenarios and fail case scenarios are tested and taken care of. This consultative learning solution can include one or more software tools such as Ansys, Abaqus, LS Dyna along with the theoretical understanding and knowledge of CAE principles and fundamentals. This is to ensure that the participants/workforce of the organizational client is delivered with the capabilities and knowledge to work on their own and create solutions which would empower their own organizations making it grow. The entire consultative insourcing solution in CAE product design development is built from scratch to suit the exact needs and requirements of the client thus making sure the end goal delivery. Aurelius Strives to be the problem solvers of the industry providing such consultative insourcing solutions which can harness the potential of the organization itself and make it grow.