Analysis and design of structures

Analyzing and designing structures is possibly the most fundamental and core components of mechanical design and development. Seemingly simple at first sight, the analysis and design of structures is a highly sophisticated task which requires not just knowledge but applicative experience to perform an iterative process to achieve desired results. Aurelius Corporate Solutions can deliver this very applicative understanding and experience through highly experienced industrial subject matter experts who have worked in this domain for decades. The consultative insourcing solution in analysis and design of structures is does not only consist of theoretical understanding and calculation procedures but also the methods of applying the procedures in practice to develop structures and products. This is to ensure that the workforce of the client is enabled to deliver to their organization the support and work proficiency needed. Moreoever, they can be completely customized to suit the exact needs and requirements of the client. We also ensure that the services we deliver are measurable through Return on Investment of the client and the client achieves an Internal Rate of Return like no other.