Aerodynamics in cars

The application of aerodynamics in vehicles and automobiles has become important like it was never before. With the race to achieve high efficiencies and effective dynamics, automotive industries require much better and much refined aerodynamic models which are especially useful at high speeds. Using the immense storehouse of knowledge and resources inculcated from all over the global industry, Aurelius can provide consultative insourcing solutions in the domain of vehicle aerodynamics through industry experts who have been working in this domain for decades. The insourcing solution is meant to deliver the fundamental ins and outs of the domain including finer concepts like parasitic drag, slip stream estimation, edge vortex estimation and much more and further couple it in practice to make the participants realize its implementation capabilities. All in all, the insourcing solution will deliver the workforce of the client organization with the capabilities to empower their organization and deliver the growth which they deserve. Aurelius Corporate Solutions prides itself on being the problem solvers of the industry and thus our consultative in sourcing solutions are in no manner mere trainings but completely customized insourcing solutions as per the exact requirements of the client to meet their needs.