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Red Hat Linux

Red Hat Linux is an Enterprise Linux which is developed and distributed by Red Hat Inc. based in USA. The company claims that the system provides military-grade security along with 99.99% uptime and support for business critical workloads along with many other perks. It provides network firewall controls and secure containers in order to isolate applications and prevent alien intrusions. The company claims that data deployed on physical, virtual and cloud environments through their channel is as secure as it can get. It also provides 99.99% uptime for enterprise management through the advanced hardware and their RAS (reliability, availability and serviceability) features.

With Enterprise Linux comes the Linux Containers which have the necessary components that help you deploy and deliver applications in a simplified and quick manner. Red hat linux goes one step ahead and also provides simplified security while delivering and maintaining multi-container based apps at any and all scales. It is one of the fastest performing platforms that are currently available in the market. Red Hat Linux also has the interoperability advantage and can work on a variety of platforms. It is compatible with all the popular operating systems such as Unix and Microsoft Windows Server. Red Hat can even be deployed as an operating system on the public clouds and hypervisors making it an extremely flexible operating platform.

Another important feature of this operating system is that it is open source and thus it is constant upgrade through the various communities. This ensures that any loophole or bug that may be present in the system will be weeded out sooner or later. Another advantage of this open nature is that the linux system can be configured to suit the need of the developer and the hardware being used.

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Course overview

This is a highly intensive course packed in a short duration providing information and training in the fundamental and other important advanced concepts of Red Hat Linux. The training starts with the elementary knowledge of Linux and goes through internet function server design, bash command shell, managing files and software, user rights and much more. Focus is given on the various important elements of Linux applications such as DNS, FTP, Apache, Samba, etc. The course is specially structured for those who have just begun their career in the domain and are looking to explore Red Hat with a wider perspective, or for those who wish to make a career in Red Hat Linux operation and development.

  • Overview of RedHat systems
  • Introduction to RedHat Linux
  • Red Hat System Administration
  • Accessing the command line
  • Managing files through the command line
  • Getting help through Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Creating viewing and editing text files
  • Managing local Linux users and groups
  • Controlling access to files using linux file system permission
  • Monitoring and managing Linux processes
  • Controlling services and daemons
  • Configuring and securing open SSH Service
  • Analyzing and storing logs
  • Managing Red Hat Enterprise Linux networks
  • Archiving and copying files between systems
  • Installing and updating software packages
  • Accessing Linux file systems
  • Using virtualized systems
  • Manage Physical Storages
  • Comprehensive reviewing
  • Automating installation using Kickstart
  • Using regular expressions through grep
  • Creating and editing text files using vim
  • Scheduling future Linux tasks
  • Managing priorities of Linux processes
  • Controlling access to files using access control lists (ACL)
  • Managing SELinux security
  • Connecting to network-defined users and groups
  • Adding disks, partitions and file systems to a Linux system
  • Managing logical volume management (LVM) storage
  • Accessing attached storage using network file system (NFS)
  • Accessing networked storage using SMB
  • Controlling and troubleshooting Red Hat Enterprise Linux boot-up process
  • Comprehensive reviewing
  • Advance Usage Of Systemctl for controlling services and daemons
  • Managing IPv6 networking
  • Configuring link aggregation(Teaming) and bridging
  • Advance Firewall & SELinux usage
  • Managing DNS Caching servers
  • Configuring email Null Client Server
  • Providing block-based storage service
  • Providing file based storage service
  • Configuring and using MariaDB database
  • Providing Apache HTTPD web service
  • Writing Bash scripts
  • Bash conditionals and control structures implementation
  • Configuring shell environment
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