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Oracle identity Manager

This web-based training course on Oracle identity Manager functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Oracle identity manager is an enterprise software system which is used to manage the user life-cycle across enterprise resources and systems within or beyond the security walls. It inherently provides a method for the implementation of the user-management aspects of a corporate policy. Additionally, it can also be used to audit users and also manage the access privileges and rights. It is a part of the Oracle identity management software suite which provides overall identity and access management for enterprises. It provides a large number of features and capabilities which can streamline the identity and user access management in any organization at all levels.

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Course Details

This consultative learning solution course in Oracle identity manager provides end to end knowledge of how Oracle identity manager can be used for maintaining user access and identity in organizational units, resources and privileges. The five fundamental actions of user identity management of creation, disabling, reinstating, modifying and deleting accounts is explained in detail. The participants will learn to manage resources through oracle identity, work with the identity manager design console and user console, configure, create and manage workflows, create and manage users, user groups and more, customize the look and feel of the user console, and work with the diagnostic dashboard. The learning solution comes with the option of being optimization to level 3 and above as per the exact requirements of the client.

Identity Management: Overview

  • Iimportance of identity management
  • Benefits, terminology, and functional aspects

Understanding Oracle Identity Manager

  • Tiers and components of the Oracle Identity Manager architecture
  • Reconciliation and provisioning
  • Oracle Identity Manager connector

Configuring Oracle Application Server

  • Oracle Application Server environment
  • Remote Method Invocation (RMI) port
  • Application server-specific processes

Starting and Understanding Oracle Identity Manager Consoles

  • Launch Oracle Identity Manager Server
  • Administrative and User Console and the Design Console
  • Administrative and User Console forms and folders

Managing Users and User Entities

  • System administrators, Oracle Identity Manager connector administrators, and end users
  • Oracle Identity Manager users, and a user group
  • Assign an Oracle Identity Manager user to a user group
  • Proxies function for administrative substitution
  • Challenge questions and reset passwords

Predefined Connectors

  • Oracle Identity Manager connector
  • Transfer connectors from one environment to another
  • Deployment Manager
  • Import connectors for external resources
  • Configure a connector

Assigning Oracle Identity Manager Connectors to Users

  • Identify resources and Oracle Identity Manager connectors
  • Explain how Oracle Identity Manager connectors differ from resources
  • Discuss three ways to assign a connector to an Oracle Identity Manager user

Creating Reports

  • Identify, list, and compare the three types of reports
  • Access the reports
  • Discuss the custom reports that can be created by using a third-party tool
  • Configure Oracle Identity Manager to display exception reports
  • Operational, historical, and exception reports

Understanding and Using Attestation Processes

  • Attestation processes
  • Analyze, create, and manage attestation processes
  • Types of data to be attested
  • Attestation process schedule
  • Attestation process workflow
  • Oracle Identity Manager environment to manage attestation processes
  • Attestation process with the Administrative and User Console
  • Administrative and User Console as a reviewer or process owner

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