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This web-based training course on HP-UX functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

HP-UX or Hewlett Packard Unix is a proprietary HP implementation of the UNIX operating system and is based on the UNIX system V. HP-UX is the first UNIX which offers access control lists for various file access permissions as alternatives to the standard permission system of UNIX. HP-UX also comes with a built-in logical volume manager and uses VxFS as the primary file system for its management.HP-UX 11i offers a common root disk for the clustered file system it uses and offers operating system level virtualization options such as hardware partitions, isolated OS virtual partitions on cell based servers, HPVM and more.

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Course Details

This consultative learning solution on virtual partition management of HP-UX operating system explores the virtual partitioning management on the HP VM through the cell based HP 9000 and integrity servers. The participants will learn to work with the server environment, configure and manage cell-based node partitions on the virtual machine. They will also learn to manage HP integrity virtual machines and use the Ignite UX to install the HP-UX partitions. The learning solution comes with the option of being optimized and modified to level 3 and above as per the exact requirements of the client and is delivered through highly experienced trainers who are professionals in the industry.

Introduction to the HP Virtual Server Environment

  • Why virtualize or partition systems?
  • HP partitioning continum
  • A cell-based system with node partitions
  • Virtual partitions (vPars v5)
  • Integrity Virtual Machines (VM)
  • HP Process Resource Manager
  • Virtualization Manager

Addressing Hardware

  • HP servers supporting partitioning
  • Cell-based servers Integrity boot disk format

Administering Node Partitions (nPars)

  • What are node partitions?
  • Partition planning
  • HP-UX nPar management tools
  • Displaying complex information
  • Dynamic nPartitions
  • Cell state transitions

Brief Introduction to Ignite-UX

  • What is Ignite?
  • Ignite-UX use models
  • Interacting with Ignite-UX
  • Ignite recovery choices

Virtual Partitions Preparation and Planning

  • vPars v5 concepts
  • Partition configuration key points
  • Mixed release environments
  • Installing vPars v5
  • Planning vPar resources
  • Dynamic memory migration
  • Locality of reference

Creating Virtual Partitions

  • vPars v5 commands
  • Interacting with the vPars v5 monitor
  • Setting Integrity environment variables
  • Managing and accessing the vPars v5 console

Virtual Partitions Management

  • Display vPars v5 status
  • Find unused resources in a vPars v5 environment
  • Migrate CPUs and memory between running vPars v5
  • Flexible administrative capability
  • vPars v5 - Ignite-UX considerations

Integrity Virtual Machines Introduction

  • Virtualization concepts and terminology
  • VM host, virtual machines, and VM guests
  • Virtual networks and storage devices

Creating and Running Integrity Virtual Machines

  • Integrity VM administration, configuration, and VM management
  • VM CPU, memory, and I/O allocation
  • Accessing a VM console
  • Suspend and resume a VM

Managing and Monitoring Integrity VMs

  • Managing I/O devices
  • Storage - high availability guidelines
  • Accelerated Virtual I/O (AVIO)
  • Dynamic CPU management
  • Cloning and removing a virtual machine
  • Monitoring VMs and VMs from the host
  • Configuration and log files

Migrating Integrity Virtual Machines

  • VM host configuration to support VM migration
  • VM configuration to support online migration
  • VM migration procedures
  • Offline and online VM migration

Using HP Serviceguard with Integrity VMs

  • Integrity VM commands
  • Serviceguard and Integrity VM use models
  • Cluster in a box
  • Integrity VMs as Serviceguard packages
  • Serviceguard and online VM guest migration
  • Application monitoring in a VM guest package

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