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This web-based training course on Alfresco functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

Alfresco is an enterprise content management system which comes in three separate versions of free community version, Alfresco enterprise version and and Alfresco cloud edition. This enterprise content management system is built for both Microsoft and Unix like operating systems. Alfresco makes use of content repository and a flexible web-based user interface system for the management and usage of standard portal content and an SMB interface which allows the compatibility of file systems with Microsoft windows and Unix-like operating systems. Additionally, it also provides compatibility with lucene, solar indexing and activiti work-flow. Developed using Java Script, Alfresco enterprise content management system is currently on the rise owing to its flexibility and power in terms of management and integration.

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Course Details

This Alfresco ECMS consultative learning solution is built to provide complete introduction and understanding of the share configuration system and also provides knowledge of the Alfresco forms sub system. The various properties of the Alfresco system such as share interface configuration system, advanced custom models, instructor led classes and more are explained in detail. The entire consultative learning solution is meant to provide applicative and practical knowledge of the tool along with in-depth understanding of the basics. The course is delivered through expert instructors who have immense industrial experience and come with the option of being customized and modified as per the exact requirements of the client.

  • Alfresco Introduction
  • Alfresco Architecture
  • Installation
  • Configuration of Database
  • Working with Alfresco Explorer
  • working with Alfresco Share
  • Implementing Permissions & Custom Permissions
  • Content Automation with Rules
  • How to implement default Workflows
  • Methods of Importing and Exporting Content
  • How to access Alfresco in Different Ways
  • Methods to work with Content Model
  • How to Create new Content Model
  • How to create Custom JSP
  • Methods of Custom Action Class
  • Content management using CMIS methods
  • Content Management with the web service API
  • JavaScript API implementation
  • Free marker Templates and usage
  • Web script Architecture implmentation
  • How to create Webscripts
  • How to create Workflows
  • How to implement advanced Web scripts
  • Methods of Creating Dashlets
  • Customizing Share User Interface with Alfresco
  • Record management methods used in Alfresco
  • Email Archiving methodologies
  • Alfresco Addons and implementation
  • LDAP Configuration tools in Alfresco

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