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Nuance Development Training Online (Course code: ALS161116)

Nuance development is essentially a by-product need that has arisen due to the rise in automation in technology and engineering along with machine learning. In layman´s terms, Nuance technology gives the computer the power to interpret the speech of the user with the help of specific and limited quantity of phrases and words. The most important advantage that Nuance has over other voice recognition technologies is that it does not requires the calibration of user specific speech patterns. This provides the freedom for speaker-independent natural language speech recognition.

The limited vocabulary of Nuance essentially involves a few thousand variations of the phrases. An adaptation of various technologies has allowed Nuance to improve the range of phrases that the system can recognize at the cost of implementation expenses and complexity.

The speech recognition engines of Nuance technology is extremely effective in converting text to speech and vice versa. In order to create language models to be incorporated in speech recognition engines, modeled samples of real spoken languages are analyzed and integrated. For better user experience it is essential that the quality of such language models is extremely high and involves various dialects, especially in complex interactions.

One of the most famous and used integration of nuance technology in real world technology is Apple Inc's Siri which uses combined speech recognition and advanced natural language processing. It is an AI which involves both underlying algorithms and improved processing powers of the mobile computing system.

Every Nuance process follows a simple path which starts with the determination of speech input. An audio technology to eliminate background noises is involved and the required audio is then sliced into small sections. The small sections are then analyzed against possible spoken phrases included in the library of the system. The components of Nuance include a nuance license manager, a recognition client, a resource manages, a recognition server, a grammar compiler and a watch dog.

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Course Details

The course on Nuance development involves a balanced combination of theoretical fundamentals involved in speech recognition and various tools required to implement speech recognition, interpretation and reproduction. The trainee will go through an in-depth analysis of the programming and coding techniques that empowers the software to take smart decisions in terms of speech recognition and patterning from a limited library.

1. Overview and history of Nuance

How did the Nuance revolution start and how is it revolutionizing the digital industry?

2. Underlying concepts of Nuance

What are the speech patter formations and library creations in nuance? What are the inherent means and modes of recognizing and converting speech?

3. The Dragon suite of voice tools

The Dragon set of tools provided by nuance consists of a wide variety of tools which help in voice recognition and conversion of speech from voice to text. The tools are available for different platforms and for different industries depending on the various industrial requirements.

  • Dragon Assistant
  • Dragon Assistant
  • Dragon Dictation: Iphone
  • Dragon Express: Mac Os
  • Dragon For Email: Blackberry
  • Dragon For The Mac
  • Dragon For The Pc
  • Dragon Medical Direct
  • Dragon Medical Enterprise Edition
  • Dragon Medical eScription
  • Dragon Medical Mobile Recorder
  • Dragon Medical Mobile Search
  • Dragon Medical Network Edition
  • Dragon Medical One
  • Dragon Medical Practice Edition
  • Dragon Medical Sdk
  • Dragon Medical Search
  • Dragon Medical Small Practice
  • Dragon Missed Call Messenger
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Legal
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional
  • Dragon Visual Voice Mail
  • Dragon Vm2t

4. Loquendo

Empowering customers to interact with services, technologies and devices in extremely natural ways by using voice and speech

5. Nuance Transcription Engine

The best possible recognition accuracy for self service solutions by understanding and interpreting spoken and touchtone input

6. Nuance Vocalizer

Providing enterprise voice solutions through spoken output engines to enhance IVR experience while making it more personalized and human

7. Nuance voice control

A comprehensive and customizable platform that helps in accessing mobile based or network dependent features, applications, services and content using voice commands

8. Speech Attendant

Driven by voice, a highly scalable auto attendant solution for improving business processes and communications

9. SpeechMagic

Providing speech recognition SDK for healthcare Systems offering industrial-grade voice recognition while delivering rapid ROI

10. VoCon tools

Providing noise cancellation and cleaner signals from improved speech recognition and hands-free communication even in noisy environments

  • VoCon 3200
  • VoCon 3200 SSE
  • VoCon Hybrid

11. Voice Biometrics

Using strong authentication procedures by analyzing unique characteristics of the customer's voice

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