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Data Science

Although data science has been around for quite some time now in the form of statistical and numerical procedures, it has widened its horizon in the present times to include much more than just numerical data. Data science today speaks of an extremely large domain which includes astronomical amounts of data being transacted on a daily bases. This data can be anything ranging from numbers to texts and logs.

The amount of data that is transacted on a daily basis today has increased many fold from what it used to be just a few years ago. With this leap of data transactions, organizations find themselves in a position in which they must make use of the data to make better business decision and produce good results to stay in the competition. This has led to the rise of a number of data science domains such as machine learning, big data, data mining and more. Data science further deals in visualization and manipulation of data to get a better picture of is being dealt with. Today, data science is reaching levels where organizations can gain information about an individual's coffee habits through his Facebook/instagram feed and further use it to market the coffee that the individual may like. Inherently, Data science follows the procedure of collecting data from the various networks on which individuals provide data, structure and visualize the data, analyze it to gain results and further analyze the results to make decisions that can help the organizations.

With the growth of data science, a number of tools and applications have also been developed that help in implementing the various methods of data science. Programming languages such as R, SQL and Python are being extensively used today in data science techniques and gain advantages in the field. These tools or parts of the tools are specifically designed for the growing data industry and is being used extensively by data scientists.

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Course overview

This highly intensive training program in Data science provides the trainees with a foundational knowledge in the various aspects of data science such as data mining, big data, machine learning and more. The capsule course is structured while keeping in mind those professionals which are growing in the field of data science or plan to enter the domain. The course provides comprehensive information at a fast pace and explores the various advanced concepts of data science while strengthening the basics. It will be beneficial for the trainees if they have a working knowledge of a few data science implementation languages such as Python or R in order to keep pace with the course and implement the concepts and techniques taught in the course.

  • Data science process overview
  • Probability and statistics with data science
  • Data exploration and visualization in data science
  • Ingestion, cleansing, and transformation of data
  • Machine learning introduction
  • Big data introduction
  • Data mining introduction
  • Implementation of tools like R, Python, and Microsoft Azure Machine Learning
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