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C++ Programming

C++ is a coding language which has stood the test of time and has sustained its position and usability for a number of years since its inception in the 80s. Although it is considered to be a fading away language but it still has some functionalities which make it extremely unique and won't let it become extinct. C++ has some unique features to offer such as; its property of being statically typed makes it quicker and more controllable than most dynamically controlled languages. A good C++ developer can effectively develop applications which can run faster than applications written with other languages such as Java. It is still one of the most popular languages on StackOverflow and Github, and even TIOBE marks it as the third most popular language on their popularity index.

Among many other things, C++ is extensively used in the gaming industry. It has a near monopoly in the gaming domain where almost all AAA rated games and gaming engines use C++ for development. Even mobile computing applications use C++ for their development. The growing technology of Virtual reality also makes use of C++. The visually appealing applications being developed for VR are being written in C++.

The low latency and parallel computing capabilities of C++ make it extremely useful in various domains that require high frequency numerical transactions and manipulations. C++ maybe an age old language, but it is not going anywhere anytime soon like its contemporary languages such as visual basic and become just a legend. It provides certain functionalities which provide great support to developers of various domains.

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Course overview

The course on C++ provides an intensive training experience in which the fundamental applicative concepts of the topic are covered. It is specially designed for those who want to explore the possibilities of C++ and what advanced concepts it offers and also for those planning to start their career in programming and application development. The capsule course is highly interactive and is structured around the most important application areas of C++ and how its advanced features can be implemented to get the most out of this programming language.

  • Overview
  • Variables and Basic Types
  • Strings, Vectors, and Arrays
  • Expressions
  • Statements
  • Functions
  • Classes
  • The IO Library
  • Sequential Containers
  • Generic Algorithms
  • Associative Containers
  • Dynamic Memory
  • Copy Control
  • Overloaded Operations and Conversions
  • Object-Oriented Programming
  • Templates and Generic Programming
  • Specialized Library Facilities
  • Tools for Large Programs
  • Specialized Tools and Techniques
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