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Ethical Hacking

In the growing age of cyber dependencies, cyber crime has increased over the years. With all organizations slowly moving online, the risk of cyber criminal's infiltration has increased many-fold in the contemporary times. To beat a cyber criminal aka hackers, a cyber security professional must think like a hacker and this is where the need of ethical hacking arises. An ethical hacker does all the jobs of a hacker but only in a legal and legitimate manner under the supervision of the concerned organization.

Ethical hacking concerns every organization which in some manner deals over any sort of network. An Ethical Hacker concerns him/herself with a number of practices that helps an organization in checking their defenses against alien cyber attacks, predicting potential attacks and strengthening required defenses and also mitigating cyber crimes by tracing such incidents. Ethical hackers have a deep understanding of ports, scanning methodologies and networks in order to prepare proxies and create IP spoofing detection techniques. They put into practice various foot printing techniques in order to prepare countermeasures and penetrations tests.

Ethical hacking also involves mitigation practices against viruses and malwares and thus a good ethical hacker must have a deep understanding Trojans, Viruses, worms and spywares. Sniffing concepts and the techniques to assess the different types of attacks and their countermeasures must also be taken into consideration in Ethical Hacking. Considering the growing world of mobile computing and social media, ethical hackers today must also concern themselves with social engineering ideologies and countermeasures for attacks respective to social media. Ways of securing mobile network platforms is becoming increasingly important along with the role of cryptography.

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Course overview

This course on Ethical hacking is an intensive capsule course which provides applicative knowledge of ethical hacking and explores its various advanced concepts. It provides comprehensive understanding of the various elements and practices that an efficient ethical hacker must use in order to ensure protection and security of network systems. Care is taken to focus on the implementation practices more than theoretical aspects in order to make the course highly interactive and application based. It will be beneficial for the trainees if he or she has some amount of experience in the domain of information security.

  • Overview of Ethical Hacking
  • Procedures of foot printing and reconnaissance
  • Network scanning procedures
  • Enumeration techniques
  • Hacking systems
  • Trojans, backdoors, viruses and worms
  • Sniffers and their effects
  • Social engineering concerns
  • Denial of services
  • Methods of hijacking sessions
  • Methods of hacking web servers
  • Methods of hacking web applications
  • Injection of SQL
  • Methods of Hacking wireless networks
  • Methods of Hacking Mobile platforms
  • Methods of evading IDS , Firewalls and honeypots
  • Concept of butter overflow
  • Cryptography techniques
  • Penetration testing Techniques
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