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Acting as Knowledge Solution Integrators in the corporate world we have realized over the years that industrial training can also be provided at non-professional yet educational levels. Aurelius Corporate Solutions believes that imparting knowledge is an area which is more widespread than any human can imagine. In our endeavor to spread knowledge and become world leaders in Learning Solution Providers we have always tried to inculcate knowledge at the most elementary levels possible. Consequently, we also partner with teaching institutions at all levels to impart knowledge to students bringing them a little closer to the industry and making them realize the directions in which their hard work is taking them. We majorly specialize in the following levels of institutional teaching and training.

1. Secondary education : For school level training we boil down our training programs to suit their levels. For grades in which the stream of higher education is still not decided such as Physical Sciences, Commerce, Biological sciences or Arts, we provide training programs and highly structured course work in domains which will be used and common to all streams such as Microsoft Office Training, Introductory programming languages and more.
For higher grades having their stream of education decided, we provide stream specific training programs such as Introductory web development, Engineering orientation programs, medical orientation programs and more. All our training programs for the secondary education level are elementary but the course is structured in a way that the knowledge most important for the professional development of the student is focused upon.

2. Higher Education ( Undergraduate, Graduate and Post Graduate level) : College level education is probably the most important level of institutional industrial training as it prepares the budding professionals for the industry. We highly focus on and give importance to training programs of this level. We provide various courses specifically structured for the different streams of Engineering, Finance, Fashion and more. The programs involving different technologies, industrial concepts and software are structured specifically keeping in mind the contemporary industrial needs. This makes sure that the budding professionals are ready for the industry once they enter it after their degree course is complete. With Aurelius, the degree students can get one step ahead and be ready early on in their professional life.

3. Training centers and training institutes : We also provide training consultation to other training centers requiring our expertise. We can provide consultative training solutions or even complete training programs for them to use. We also have the provision of partnering with training centers in which case they can have the privilege of operating under our franchisee and gain Industry level training programs and experience. For more information on how to partner with us, contact us through any of the means given on the web site.

For all the aforementioned levels of institutional partnership we provide expert guidance and training programs. Using our immense experience of the industry and realizing the gap between industrial requirements and educational structures and procedures we can provide guidance that will help the students gain excellence in their field of choice, which will directly lead to the growth of the institute. Partner with us and stand out of the crowd by becoming a leader in industry integrated education.

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