Insourcing Consultancy Services

We are seeing a paradigm change in the way that organizations work and undertake their operations. A few years ago we had seen the establishment of outsourcing agencies. Now however, we notice that organizations are realizing how important it is to establish in-house operations and develop intellectual properties which can benefit the organizations in the long run.

Aurelius Corporate Solutions understanding the importance of these in-house operation and maintaining and developing such intellectual property; is at the forefront of providing consultancy in insourcing. Through our insourcing consultancy services we aim to provide organizations with the capabilities to develop and undergo their operations in-house while developing the capabilities of their workforce.

Having provided services in virtually every industrial domain for over a decade, Aurelius Corporate Solutions stands tall above its knowledge base and deep rooted ties in the global industry. Aurelius already has provided insourcing consultancy solutions in more than 800 domains across the globe in more than 30 countries.

The consultancy services provided by Aurelius are meant to keep the client organizations updated with the latest of the technologies as they change dynamically to help them keep pace with the global industrial changes and growth.

The Insourcing consultancy services are modeled as per the data provided by the client organizations to make sure that the requirements of the client are met and substantial growth is provided in terms of revenue generation and profit percentage increment.

The services however do not end with the completion of the consultancy period. As a client, an organization becomes a member of our network and we find it our onus to keep our network updated with most current technologies and changes taking place in the industry.

Moreover, any and all issues that may arise post-consultancy are taken care of with utmost zeal while also updating the client with the latest of the industrial growth in the concerned domain.

The skill development and capability development of the work-force in-house is an integral part of these insourcing consultancy services. The phases include, providing transition support to organization from outsourcing to insourcing, streamlining of the insourced operations with the existing operations and development of a culture of in-house capability development in the organization.

Aurelius already has provided solutions services in domains such as Lean Manufacturing Tools, Warehouse Operations, Automobile Engineering, Drug Formulations, Pharmacology, Financial Modeling, Electronic Circuit Design, Wireless Sensor, Artificial Intelligence, Wealth Management, Design & Engineering, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Design Thinking, SAP HANA, Internet Of Things (IOT), Cyber Security, DevOps, Hybris, Blue Prism, Apache Camel, React JS, Native JS, Data science and more.

Our esteemed client list includes top global organizations such as Tata Consultancy Services, Samsung, Accenture, Capgemini, Orange, Tech Mahindra, EMC, KPIT, Persistent, Rolta, Broadridge, RBS, L&T Infotech, DXC, National Instruments, ADP, Crest, Sears, E&Y, TESCO, John Deere, Syntel, Renault Nissan, Daimler AG, Sunpharma, Cadila Pharma, World Bank and Government of Canada etc.