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Prominent Energy Projects Delivered

The demanding industrial domain of energy has ever required continuous development and improvement which Aurelius Corporate Solutions aims to fulfill and provide. Through the highly sophisticated and ever updated insourcing solutions, Aurelius Corporate Solutions acts as problem-solver for the energy Industry. With over a decade long experience in the industry of providing such consultative insourcing solutions Aurelius has a proven track record of providing over 35% of ROI through our services to the client and improving upon their overall business model and technological growth.

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Below mentioned are the prominent list of projects delivered to various multinational companies across the globe , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Building Performance
BIg Data
Competitive Advantage in Renewable Energy
Design & Product Engineering
Domestic Energy Efficiency
Electrics for Renewables
Electric Wire Safety
Honeywell Pro Watch
Introduction to Heat Pumps
Managing Energy Resources (Connecting to the Grid)
Marketing for Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy Management & Finance
Solar Photovoltaic
Technical Field Support Blade Engineering
Wave and Hydro Power

Industry Wise Technical Insourcing Projects Delivered