Defence Insourcing Projects Catalogue

The national as well as the global defence industry is seeing a paradigm change through the integration of more sophisticated technologies. And Aurelius Corporate Solution strives to support this change. Having delivered numerous consultative services to various defence organizations including governmental organization, Aurelius has a storehouse of resources and information of technologies which the current defence industry requires. Through our insourcing solutions, defence organizations have witnessed tangible growth and development in their returns and technological needs without exception.

Below mentioned are the prominent list of catalogue of projects for multiple industries , our insourcing solutions are not limited to these below mentioned technology projects only.

Course Name
Accident Data Recorder Depth B Maintenance-STC
Air Power
Air Surveillance & Command Systems Engineering Systems
Airborne Fibre Optic Maintenance-1564
Aircraft Assisted Escape Systems (AAES) Maintenance
Aircraft Avionics to Multi-Skilled Trade
Aircraft Engineering - General courses
Aircraft Maintenance Mechanic (AMM)
Aircraft Structural Integrity
Aircraft Technicians Supervisors
Airworthiness for Military Aircraft
ALQ 156 Depth B/C
Civilian Military Awareness - CDAT
Communications and Information Systems Manager - IEMR
Communications Systems Engineer Advanced - CEUR
Communications, Radar and IT Training
Concepts of National Security
Corporal Further Training
Defence Budget Planning
Defence Strategy for India
DN811 Instrument Landing System Depth
Early Failure Detection
Eddy Current (Hocking Locator UH)
Eddy Current
Electrician Advanced - ELUR
Engineering - Training and Management
Expedient Repair (ER) Assessor
Expedient Repair (ER) Instructors
Expedient Repair (ER) Officers Appreciation
Expedient Repair (ER)Avionics Assessor
Falkland Islands Fixed Communications Systems
FIADGE Remote Systems
Fibre Optic Cable Management Overview
Fibre Optic Cable Technician
Fibre Reinforced Plastics (FRP)
Flight Safety
Flying Related Training (including ATC and Forward Controller)
Foreman of Signals - FFMR
Foreman of Signals (Information Systems) - SIMR
FT A Tech AV
FT A Tech M
Ground Engineering Training (Electrical)
Ground Engineering Training (Mechanical)
Information Warfare and Role of Media
Installation Technician & Telephone Engineer Advanced-ITUR
Installation Technician & Telephone Engineer Basic-ITBR
Internal Security Strategy
International Officers Electronic Warfare-OEMO
International Security Environment
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
Maritime Strategy
National Interests and National Security Objectives
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technician
Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technicians Update Course
Non-Destructive Testing Appreciation Course
NPT, CTBT & Disarmament
Parachute training
enetrant Flaw Detection (Manual applications)
Policy Analysis and Formulation of National Security
Resource & Initiative Training
Role of the Indian Army in the 21st Century
Sky Guardian On Aircraft Depth
Skyshadow Depth B Advanced Level Off-Aircraft
Static Communication Installation Training
Strategies and Structure for National Security
Study on Global Issues
Technical Courses - Aircraft General Engineering
Technical Engineering Asset Management
Troop Commander
Ultrasonic Flaw Detection (UTG)
Uninstalled Engine Test Facilities Course
Usage and Control of Remote Viewing Aid Equipment
Weapons and explosives Training
Yeoman of Signals

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