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Dassault Systemes CATIA V5 & V6 3D CAD

This web-based training course on Dassault Systemes CATIA V5 & V6 3D CAD, 3DVIA & 3DExperience is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

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Course Details

This course on CATIA V5 and V6 3D CAD modeling software provides an elementary knowledge of solid geometry modeling as applicable through CATIA. The course explores the two latest and most used versions of CATIA, i.e. V5 and V6 series. The course encompasses the most important uses of CATIA as a 3D modeling software in part modeling, assembly design, sheet metal design and wireframe and surface design. There are no prerequisites for the course but it will be beneficial if the students have some fundamental knowledge of solid modeling and 2d designing.

Overview of elementary solid modeling

  • Constructive solid geometry
  • Boundary representation
  • Half spaces

Overview of CATIA as a CAD software

  • Introduction CATIA V5R series and CATIA V6R series
  • System requirements
  • Understanding important terms and definitions
  • Understanding the mouse button functions and uses
  • Home window toolbars
  • Color schemes
  • Parent-daughter tree concept of CATIA

CATIA workbenches

  • Overview of various workbenches
  • Switching between workbenches
  • Creating a new file related to particular workbench

2D designing/ sketching with CATIA

  • The Sketcher Workbench
  • Creating a New File
  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench
  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench Using the Sketch Tool
  • Invoking the Sketcher Workbench Using the Positioned Sketch Tool
  • Invoking the sketcher workbench from part modeling workbench
  • Setting the Sketcher Workbench
  • Modifying Units
  • Modifying Grid Settings
  • Understanding Sketcher Terms
  • Specification Tree
  • Grid
  • Snap to Point
  • Construction/Standard Element
  • Select Toolbar
  • Understanding color codes of Lines
  • Drawing Sketches Using Sketcher Tools
  • Drawing Display Tools
  • Working with planes
  • Creating sketches with Sketcher work bench
  • Other Sketching Tools in the Sketcher Workbench
  • Editing and Modifying Sketches
  • Constraining Sketches and Creating Base Features
  • Constraining Sketches
  • Concept of Constrained Sketches
  • Applying Geometrical Constraints
  • Analyzing and Deleting Over-Defined Constraints
  • Dimensioning and constraining

Moving into part modeling

  • Exiting the Sketcher Workbench
  • Using sketch based features
  • Creating Features by Extrusion
  • Creating Features By Revolving Sketches
  • Creating features using Ribbing
  • Creating features using Cut extrude or hole features
  • Creating features using slot
  • Rotating the View of the Model
  • Modifying the View
  • Display Modes of the Model
  • Creating Sections Dynamically
  • Re-sketching on model planes and surfaces

Using dress up features

  • Definition of sketch based features
  • Creating Fillets
  • Creating chamfers
  • Creating Drafts
  • Creating shells
  • Creating Thickness
  • Creating taps and threads

Editing features

  • Measuring elements
  • Mirroring elements
  • Interpolating elements
  • Duplicating elements

Transformational features and Advanced modeling tools

  • Transformation Features
  • Using Additional Bodies
  • Adding Stiffeners Models
  • Creating Solid Combine

Editing and modifying surfaces

  • FTP from
  • FTP To

Working with the assembly workbench

  • Assembly modeling workbench
  • Concept of bottom-up assembly
  • Concept of top-down assembly
  • Importing models or creating models
  • Manipulating elements
  • Constraining elements
  • Creating relations
  • Defining degree of freedoms
  • Concept of interconnected saving between part modeling and assembly

Working with Drafting workbench

  • The Drafting Workbench
  • Type of Views
  • Creating Drawing Views
  • Creating the Exploded View
  • Interactive Drafting in CATIA
  • Editing and Modifying Views
  • Modifying Hatch Pattern of Section Views
  • Inserting Sheets in the Files
  • Inserting Frames and Title Blocks
  • Adding Annotations in the Drawing Views
  • Creating and Editing Annotations
  • Generating Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Generating Balloons

Working with Sheet Metal Workbench

  • Sheet metal Components
  • Setting Parameters
  • Introducing Sheet Metal Walls
  • Generating Extrusions
  • Generating Swept Walls
  • Generating a Bend
  • Bend From Flat
  • Folding and Unfolding Sheet Metal components
  • Developing Flat Patterns of Sheet Metal Components
  • Creating a Sheet Metal Component in Multiple Windows
  • Using Views Management
  • Stamping

Wireframe and surface design

  • Power of surface designing with CATIA
  • Creating Wireframe construction elements
  • Creating loft surfaces
  • Creating multiple loft surfaces
  • Creating swept surfaces
  • Joining surfaces
  • Closing surfaces
  • Creating various wireframe geometries
  • Working with points, lines and curves
  • Intersections and projections
  • Creating surfaces by lines and curves
  • Manipulating geometries (splitting and trimming)
  • Creating and editing datums and constraints

Adding material to models

  • Working with the materials library
  • Defining parameters and properties
  • Creating/adding a new material
  • Assigning material to the model

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