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A process hazard analysis (or process hazard evaluation) is a set of organized and systematic assessments of the potential hazards associated with an industrial process. A PHA provides information intended to assist managers and employees in making decisions for improving safety and reducing the consequences of unwanted or unplanned releases of hazardous chemicals. A PHA is directed toward analyzing potential causes and consequences of fires, explosions, releases of toxic or flammable chemicals and major spills of hazardous chemicals, and it focuses on equipment, instrumentation, utilities, human actions, and external factors that might impact the process.

Our Facilitator


Our facilitrator consultancy work has focused on a number of specialized areas, from performing explosion consequence and building siting analysis to calculating the effects from blasts, vented and non-vented explosions, energetic and pressurised events, projectiles and fragment loads. He has conducted numerous risk assessments exercises and audit studies throughout his consultancy both in the US, UK and Europe for a number of oil & gas majors as well as alternative industry clientele.
Our facilitrator has experience in process safety engineering including, but not limited to, QRAs, risk management, consequence and frequency analysis, HAZOPs, HAZIDs, PHA Studies, Occupied Building Risk Assessments (OBRA) and has performed several Security Vulnerability Assessments (SVA). Our facilitrator work spans industrial, governmental and defence related organisations. He has also worked on several large industrial accident investigations. These have ranged from vented internal vapour cloud explosions to external vapour/ dust explosions and fragmentation, from evidence collection through to experimental and consultative litigation support. As part of this effort, he has assisted his clients in saving in excess of $300 million in litigation cases (largest $100 million).
His Ph.D. thesis research involved experimental and numerical studies of dynamic loading and response of pipelines and associated mechanical supports in various configurations, to transmitted impulsive loads induced by shock, blast and detonation waves propagation within the pipe. While at the UWA, Our facilitrator conducted and managed a number of experimental test programs for commercial-in-confidence industrial clients on a range of large-scale confined explosion phenomena.
His experimental research skills have been called upon many times in managing several different experimental test programs. These have ranged from investigating large scale internal and external flammable gas dispersion and gaseous mixing effects for accident litigation support, testing programs for large scale vapour cloud explosions and detonations, response of equipment to internal explosions, and energetic events in order to test a wide range of blast and fragmentation mitigation devices.
Our facilitrator also facilitates training courses and lectures on a number of safety related topics, both in the UK & Overseas for commercial clients.

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