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Masterclass Overview

Many information workers spend a lot of time answering e-mails and tracing & tracking data from local ledgers (for example in Excel). Organizations are expected to spend up to thirty percent of their costs sending messages to other organizations and requesting data from other databases in order to create a shared reality. In addition, managers spend on average two days a week on interactions (internal transactions). A new employee 'boarding' some-times means more than fifteen interactions with other departments.
We may conclude that there is a lot of friction with the current way of organizing supply and demand of data, both between and within organizations. Besides this challenge more and more people want to own their own personal data and bring their own data if they ask a organization for a product or service. So most organizations will have to change their strategy from organizing data ownership to organizing data access. Data economics and data logistics, with a focus on Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Organizing, helps to organize data services and reduce friction and costs. Creating a Digital Assembly Line and a shared reality makes the reconciliation in (data) supply chains much faster, efficient and cheaper.
Blockchain Organizing is a renewed invention of management. Within the context of digitalization, globalization and sustainability, Blockchain Organizing is a disruptive technology (Blockchain) applied in a fundamentally new organizational model, so that you can organize trust, work and economics without increasing complexity and bureaucracy. In a situation where organizational costs in and transaction costs decrease, transactions and working organizations will be organized in a fundamentally different way the next decades.
In this two-day training you will learn about Blockchain Organizing to answer questions like: ‘What is blockchain, why is it important and what can you do with it?’

Key Topics
  • What is blockchain all about?
  • Why is it so important for all industries?
  • How can you use it to reduce your costs in tune of whooping 30%?

Why should you attend?

The purpose of this 2-day training is not only gaining knowledge about Blockchain Organizing or which applications are meaningful, but also be able to engage with other professionals, develop or learn from use cases and discuss how you can set up a blockchain program together with other stakeholders in the role off Blockchain Lead. The training has a high practical level with, for example, (parts of) the Harvard Case Method and group work:

  • Introduction in Blockchain Organizing;
  • Get a more detailed perceptive of what Blockchain Organizing can mean for your organi-zation, your function and for your personal life;
  • Separate important from side issues, back to basic, a way from current perspective
  • Interact with other people who are interested in this theme and share ideas and thoughts
  • Work with cases and real life situations;
  • Learn what is important to start a blockchain program, to design a new organization that is fit for the (digital) future.

Case studies from : Fintech, Supply Chain Management, Healthcare,
HR Government, Marketing/media & more

Meet your prominent Facilitator

Paul Bessems

Paul Bessems helps organizations to understand and apply blockchain for a frictionless business in the future. He brings blockchain technology and organizational science together. He developed a new concept to organize supply and demand of data for a more democratic platform economy. He moves between science and practice, is an entrepreneur, international speaker, blockchain consultant and (co) author of more than ten management books. He has more than 25 years experience in designing and developing new organizations that align better with our new context (data economy) and new organization technologies such as blockchain. He is an expert in the field of Blockchain Organizing, advises on strategic level and works industry agnostic.
Besides his work as a consultant, he is also founder, chairman and fellow of the Weconomics Foundation. Weconomics facilitates the transition to a more sustainable prosperity. It is a network that contributes to the organization of a more sustainability prosperity. The core in this development is the deployment of organization technology such as blockchain. Paul is founder and fellow of The Institute for New Organizational Thinking, one of the Weconomics spin-offs.
Paul is also founder and CEO of Weconet Blockchain Technologies, located in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, one of the smartest regions in the world. Weconet helps organization to use new technologies such as Distributed Ledger Technology and blockchain and align these new technologies in new organization models such as shared transaction networks.
Paul studied industrial engineering and management science at the Technical University in Eindhoven. In 1992 he introduced the Harvard Case Method in the Netherlands, developed several master programs for universities and developed two PHD’s research proposals. In 1992 he started Buro Staff Support, his first professional community. Since then he helped dozens of professional communities. In recent years, these communities more and more work with the concept of Blockchain Organizing.

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