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Scalable Agile Framework

19 June 2018    Debra Aguilar

Scalable Agile framework popularly known as SAFe is a revolutionary concept which helps in challenging the various significant challenges which take place in the development and delivery of software

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Site Core 8.2

09 May 2018    Judith Davies

SiteCore is customer experience management tool which provides web content management along with multichannel marketing capabilities. The company develops this tool continuously through feedback received

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Pure Storage Administration

09 May 2018    Debra Aguilar

Over the years, the PureStorage administration has been proven to be highly resilient an dstable while providing almost 99.9999 availability along with advantages of the inclusion of maintenance, failures

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09 May 2018    Brigitte Barber

WorkFusion is essentially an SaaS or a Software as a Service cloud computing platform which makes use of crowd-sourced workers in order to automate a variety of tasks including financial services, eCommerce and retail industry services

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CheckPoint Firewall

09 May 2018    Andrew Perry

CheckPoint Firewall is a next generation Firewall product which is meant to protect several segments of the organization including the cloud, data centers, operational records, ledger entries and more

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Angular Js 2 & Node JS

09 May 2018    Jane Bronsky

Angular JS and Node Js are probably one of the important open source front end web application development frameworks which are being used through out the IT industry today. Developed by Google itself

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09 May 2018    Beckham Harrell

Cherwell Service Management platform is currently a leading tool in the domain of information technology and service management. Through this suit of various software tools, fast and effective development

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19 April 2018    Betsy Ruiz

Association for project management works to promote the professional disciplines of project management and programme management. APM provides a number of products and services which include

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19 April 2018    Kelly Bryant

Apptus is a leading and category defined and quote-to-cash software provider which is used to drive the various vital business processes leading to the buyers interest and the realization of revenue. Appttus works

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19 April 2018    Brigitte Barber

Zabbix is an open source monitoring software which provides enterprise capabilities and is designed to monitor and track the status of network services, servers and various other network hardware.

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SAP Simple Finance

19 April 2018    Susan Birchall

SAP Simple Finance as a part of SAP ERP solutions provides comprehensive set of financial management and accounting solutions which cover financial planning and analysis along with accounting and financial

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IoT towards a Digital Future

19 March 2018    Judith Davies

Internet of Things has been around for quite sometime now, but it is seeing its most glorious days in the recent times owing to the growth in the sensor systems and embedded systems which deliver the necessary fuel to fire the IoT fire throughout the industry. From warehousing systems to manufacturing industry,

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IoT in the infrastructure industry

19 March 2018    Vera Davies

The technologies of IoT are possibly have the most potential in the infrastructure and housing industry by empowering an age old concept and principles of home automation and connected homes. Technologies now work on the cloud and connect almost every single device and sensor in the house.

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IoT giving the employment landscape the necessary boost

19 March 2018    Jane Bronsky

IoT is essentially a very harmonious amalgam of embedded software systems and hardwares which run such software. Consequently, not all software engineers can work as IoT engineers and not all hardware engineers can work as software engineers.

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A new boost to retail industry with IoT

19 March 2018    Debra Aguilar

The retail industry is one of the biggest revenue generators of the global industry owing to the sheer mass communication and mass outreach. The growing digital world has made the retail customer more aware and more advanced which has led to several advancements in this field and IoT has been responsible

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Outlook for the Indian IT sector in 2018

13 Jan 2018    Russell Vaughn

The year 2017 has seen some immense growth and developments in the Information Technology industry. The most important growth harbingers have been Big Data, Automation, Robotics, Bit coin block chain, Machine Learning

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Five Ways In Which The IT Startups Have Helped IT Giants in the Industry

10 Jan 2018    Beckham Harrell

IT startups in the past few years have grown in India and across the globe at a very rapid rate. Government regulations and the industrial giant's willingness to invest in small startups has only led to the boost in the IT

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Emerging Technologies for 2018

04 Jan 2018    Simon Harvey

The world is moving into an evolutionary phase with regard to technology and digitization. Some call it the era of "Digital Darwinism" wherein the rate of technologies emerging throughout the globe is extremely

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Virtual reality: The most novel use cases in the industry!

28 Oct 2017    Cyrus Melton

The words virtual reality and augmented reality bring to the mind the amazing gaming platforms which make the games as real as the real world itself. Also, the motion pictures

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The future of supply chain management: Integrating automation and optimization

03 Oct 2017    Vera Davies

Supply Chain Management is one domain which the general masses amongst the young engineers don't seem to know a lot about and also, don't seem to see it as a hot domain to go into.

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Why do you need to invest more in IT product knowledge training than in IT products

01 Sept 2017    Jane Bronsky

Ask any updated IT professional in today's industry regarding the advancements and number of IT products being used in the industry and in all probability he will have only one answer;

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How to build your workforce for the future? Learn! Unlearn! Re-learn! Repeat!

21 Aug 2017    Theo Mills

With the onslaught of new digital technologies and IT tools which are disrupting the entire industry worldwide, we stand at the dawn of a new era of digital wherein technologies change, update and upgrade

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The Machine Learning Guide for the Marketing Industry

26 July 2017    Trevor Baggott

Ask any industrialist about their major concerns to sell a product, the common of them all will be only one aspect. Marketing is one domain which no organization can do without and every manager wishes that it

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What is the digital direction to the industry by the digital technologies?

26 July 2017    Judith Davies

What was the last big technological breakthrough or the most-on-fire technology that you heard about? Was it Big Data? Or was it Cloud Computing? Or maybe the more recent, Machine Learning?

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How to reduce Project Cost & increase ROI of Your department

5 July 2017     David Sawyer

Cost is one of the contributing factors in measuring the success of the project. It has been generally seen, those project managers who provide projects delivery on time and under budget will remain in high demand.

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What exactly is Industry 4.0 and how it will Impact Your Organization?

28 June 2017     Adrian Jones

Industrial Revolution has been a term synonymous with wide spread change and makeover of not just the global industry but the overall face of the world. The first industrial revolution brought forward the concept of factories and machineries.

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Top 10 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools that Industry Giants Use

24 June 2017     Debra Aguilar

This article aims to list all top BI products available in the market. Business Intelligence tools are used by companies to monitor data, generate business insights and make better decisions that drive good results.

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What pushes the automobile industry towards its new era?

12 June 2017    Richard Aston

Without doubt we are seeing a change in every nook and corner of the industry with technological growth and development taking place at a rate we could have never imagined before.

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How will competency development of your workforce empower your Organization's Business?

15 June 2017    Julia Dawson

The short answer to this question will be, be early adaptor of innovations & technology! Of course you want to do that and you will! But there are a lot many finer details to look at before your organization

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Big Data Curation? How it is related to your work domain?

01 June 2017     Linda Dutton

As technologies are in place in data management at organizational level and requirements for Data Curation Infrastructures are being defined by the emerging big data landscape, and curation infrastructures are evolving to meet

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In what direction is Digital Transformation driving your organization?

02 June 2017     Andrew Perry

Everyone today is talking about digital transformation and how it is about to change the entire industry and all its segments. Especially the IT sector is feeling the heat of the digital sun and transforming under it.

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Enabling Your People To Do Your Business Better

17 May 2017     Mary Beaton

Enabling businesses to succeed, develop and grow in the high stress world of business today, there are a lot of companies that provide a plenty of solutions that have been carefully developed and selected to deliver the desired goals.

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Which SAP Module suits to your organization's business needs?

29 April 2017     Juanita Butler

There is no formula to get SAP implementation right, but there are a number of ways to get it wrong. Making your way through without damage is not easy, but correctly implementing the SAP system can have positive impact on your organization.

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How SAP Fuels Machine Learning and Reviewing the Latest SAP ML Tool

21 April 2017     Michael Kirby

In the past few years, SAP has risen to be the market leader in the domain of software and technology solutions providence.We will take you through the various technologies and software of SAP that fuel the machine learning fire.

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The 10 Most Powerful People in the Technology World

18 April 2017     Erica Sheward

Power is not achieved through money alone, nor influence by itself. It rather resides in personalities that have melded together wealth and the ability to shape people's lives. Let's take a look at the 10 most powerful people in technology.

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11 Reasons Why Java Manages to Rule Consistently

17 April 2017     Paul George

Most new technologies die out after the buzz about them has had its days of success or invincibility. The reason behind this could be that Java has always looked at the bigger picture, supporting the basic building blocks of several technological platforms. Here are some factors that contribute to its predominance.

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7 Highest Paying U.S. Companies for Software Engineers

15 April 2017     Mark Howitt

There is no doubt that working as a software engineer, is a great job with high salary and lots of opportunities. Here, I am providing a glimpse of top 7 highest paying U.S. companies for software engineers.

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Salary Calculations For IT Professionals

14 April 2017     Henry Hiddleston

The technology which has proved itself in the last decade is of course the Information Technology (IT). It has significantly changed the life of the individuals and organizations. Knowing the salary range and average starting salary for a particular position is useful information.

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Red Hat Pilots New Program to Ease Digital Transformation

13 April 2017     Debra Aguilar

Red Hat introduced a new application platform partner initiative that helps to provide a robust ecosystem for companies engaging in digital transformation. The prime motive is to work closely with partners to get the program up and then scale it globally from there.

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Which Programming Languages Are On The Rise

12 April 2017     Richard Bell

There are currently a large numbers of different programming languages in use by software and Apps developers.Apart from companies in the technology sector, there is also an increase in the number of businesses relying on computer code.

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Forecasting of Programming Languages

10 April 2017     Angelo Jones

This article sheds light on future of programming languages. Forecasting is the process of making predictions of the future as well as of the upcoming events based on past and present data and by analysis of trends. As the time changes at the rate of speed

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10 Hottest Tech Skills That You Should Not Overlook In 2017

28 March 2017     Norman Angell

If you are looking for a new job, 2017 looks bright for the tech industry, as companies are looking to hire IT professionals with advanced skills to continue digital transformation efforts

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In Tune With Technology

23 March 2017     Christian Carlton

The digital revolution is changing the world from schools to workplace.To stay in tune with the technology is the demand of time as a number of companies are growing and the competition is heating up.

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Technologies That Work Like a Steering Wheel

23 March 2017     Kimberly Wallis

we find ourselves in a position to choose paths that may or may not lead us to the success in the changed future.. Let's look at some of the roads that are leading to the highly advanced future and the technologies that make up these roads.

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5 Reasons Why Your Bright Big Data Career Needs a MongoDB Certification

22 March 2017     Debra Aguilar

This article throws light on what skills to acquire that are in high demand on a global platform. Apache Hadoop is an open source software framework used for processing big data sets.

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Why micro certifications are so important for IT Job seekers and employees?

22 March 2017     Johnnie Fowler

This article throws light on the roles of micro certifications and how they are important for job seekers and employers. Micro certifications are gaining popularity in terms of providing jobs to the job seekers as well as enhancing their skills that are required

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7 March 2017     Betsy Ruiz

Right Job often plays an important role for building a good career and prosperous life. Yes, you heard it right if you have a good job and skill-set, you can definitely be a person in the Fortune's top billionaire list.

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5 Reasons why Middle to Senior-Level Techies could lose their Jobs

6 March 2017     Kelly Bryant

Yes. There is no doubt that the tech industry is filled with high paying jobs. But do you know that middle & senior management personnel job at risk? What are the reasons of this threat? You might be working at any of this LEVEL.

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Top 6 trending technologies in Pharmaceutical Industry

4 March 2017     Cory Mitchell

We are living in that stage where technology is moving at a high speed, creating new domains and disrupting the existing models. Biology and technology are becoming the parts of same coin as new opportunities are emerging through the usage of technology.

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The Anatomy of Technology

2 March 2017     Ben Delo

Anatomy is the branch of science that deals with the internal structures of the devices. Generally it takes our mind in that stage where we want to know which kind of internal components are present in the devices.

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4 Mini Projectors: Carry this wherever you go

1 March 2017     Ruth Guy

With the rising technological advancements there are new things coming up every day. Some stay with us forever and some just pass away with the flow of wind. Projectors are something we have been familiar from a lot of years and with time they are getting as

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"Taking underwater photos with your iPhone is way easier"

14 Feb 2017     Paul Forbes

Underwater photography is really an adventurous and interesting task. It's really a fun and rewarding, where stunning nature shots and memories can be captured. With the release of iphone 7 and its water-resistant

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New technology to make data transfer 10 times faster than 5G

13 Feb 2017     Brigitte Barber

5th Generation mobile networks are generally referred to as 5G. Instead of providing peak internet speed it aims at higher capacity than 4G hence allowing large number of mobile users per unit area and allows consumption of higher or unlimited data quantities.

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"Book Your Success" in 2017 by learning these Technical Skills

13 Feb 2017     Chase Blackburn

The trends of employers keep on changing from year to year and with the evolution of technology there are various options available to current professionals and starters. It is February already and you must be looking for a new job or skills.

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What You Really Need to Start Your Own Business

8 Feb 2017     Marina Wallis

Are you planning to be your own BOSS or looking to work for YOURSELF? Okay let me make it simple for you. Are you planning to start your own business? If YES. That's a GREAT IDEA.Absolutely you can start your business but Do You Know What You Really

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10 factors to be considered for a modern approach to Artificial Intelligence

2 Feb 2017     Daisy Langdon

Artificial intelligence is continuously growing as well as increasing in demand day by day. There are many applications in this field which are continuously expanding human capability beyond one's imagination and range.The term is applied when a machine imitates

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7 Reasons Why Geniuses Love Data Analysis Tools

27 Jan 2017     Mark Briggs

We are living in a generation where the Internet is actively taking over all parts of our lives. To professionals it is a broad term that provides them with things to learn and develop. At the present, the term that we all are familiar with is Big Data.

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What you should expect from the iPhone in 2017

19 Jan 2017     Susan Birchall

It hasn't been a long time since the release of the iPhone 7 by Apple Inc. but the rumors of the iPhone 8 to be released had already started floating around before iPhone 7's release. This is due to the fact that 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of iPhone for.

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5 Most Lucrative Tech Careers for 2017

3 Feb 2017     Clare Ashton

As the year 2017 has just begun, youngsters have their eyes on careers that will provide a greater scope in the coming future. Keeping everything aside, a career in tech domain is something that every young professional longs for.

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Track Your Car With Your Smartphone Using This Tiny Device

19 Jan 2017     Karen Antrobus

It has probably been one of the most frustrating incidents for all car owners after the advent of multi-level and large area parking spots have developed. We've all been there, frantically pressing the panic button hoping the beeps of the car would go off.

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How Big Data Makes Being an NBA Fan Better Than Ever

19 Jan 2017     David Alexander

The National Basketball Association of United States or NBA has been the reason for entertainment of millions of fans for the past many years. In the playoff's every year, millions of fans across the globe follow the leagues and stay engrossed in the updates.

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Most Emerging Technologies, Domains & Career Opportunities in 2017

13 Jan 2017     Paul Brown

In all possibility, we are at the verge of another great industrial revolution which is bound to change the entire face of industry as well as the consumers' world. With great strides being made in technological development and emergence of new innovations

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Online Training on Machine Learning

7 Jan 2017     Ashton Maddox

As fascinating and fictional it may seem, the field of Machine Learning integrated with other technological domains is slowly bringing in the technologies which we had only seen in sci-fi movies. Machine Learning inherently relates to the procedures and methodologies of

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Why Should You Learn SharePoint?

5 Jan 2017     Hollis Royal

As the networking and resource sharing elements are spreading all over the globe, SharePoint is possibly the biggest and most intuitive development in the field of collaborative business development and business resource sharing.

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Technologies In High Demand in 2017

3 Jan 2017     Clem Lowe

2017 has arrived with a bang and the entire industry is looking forward to it with the promises it brings of new innovations and technological development. It is being said that we are on the brink of the fourth industrial revolution and this will encompass never

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10 Best Practices To Master Big Data Hadoop

2 Jan 2017     Cornelius Evans

This is the age of data computation and manipulation. With astronomical amounts of data being transacted on a daily basis, it has become a necessity for organizations and enterprises to work with data in a comprehensive and innovative manner.

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Learn Java Programming Online

19 Dec 2016     Kylie Hobbs

JAVA is probably one of the most used programming languages prevalent in the world today. It is being used in many forms in various domains and enterprises. As amazing as JAVA is, it still has a number of shortcomings that makes developers a little uneasy.

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5 Top Tools for Ethical Hacking

19 Dec 2016     Sonya Morrison

From security engineers to hackers and geeks, there are some tools for ethical hacking and penetration testing that they are absolutely fond of. We did some research for you, and here are the best 5 that we have come up with.

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What will digital marketing be like in a hundred years?

19 Dec 2016     Jonathan Bevan

Marketing as a field of business development and growth has been around for a number of years, and has recently taken the turn to the digital path in the recent years.Digital marketing is a domain which has gained immense growth and development in the changing

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5 Tools for IOT Developers

19 Dec 2016     George Carr

Internet of Things is a novel concept that has been on tremendous rise in the recent times. Inherently relating to the interconnection of various platforms and devices that consumers use in life,

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7 Interesting Functionalities of MS Excel

19 Dec 2016     Tracey George

Microsoft excel is probably the first tool that everyone uses when it comes to data manipulation and management. This statistical and data manipulation tool is unparalleled in its

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9 Reasons to Learn C++ Programming

19 Dec 2016     Paul Harvey

Having grown to the age of 28 years in 2016, C++ is now in the modern age trying to compete with more versatile and dynamic youngsters like Java and python. After it did grew tremendously in the late 80s and early 90s

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ReactJS - Introduction & Development

6 Dec 2017     Lijo Jose

React.JS has been on the rise in the recent times owing to its ability to build complex User Interfaces using components of DOM elements along with corresponding actions and state.

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Things Your Competitors Know About Apache Camel that you might not.

3 Dec 2016     Michael Kirby

Apache Camel recently rose to the top the market of Enterprise integration as being a tool which can effectively implement enterprise The software contains some extremely unique features which can be used to effectively implement enterprise integration patterns.

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Top Reasons why Organizations are switching to SAP HANA

30 Nov 2016     Erica Sheward

SAP HANA Relational database management system is possibly the fastest growing product in the history of SAP and is overtaking the market of database management with much vigor.

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The latest innovations in Internet of Things!

28 Nov 2016     John Walker

Internet of things is probably the hottest trend in the current technological world and is changing the industry as we see it. Internet of things relates to the growing concept of making machines interact with each other and also their human counterparts.

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6 Ways to organize your design thinking process

28 Nov 2016     Kevin Zwolinski

Design thinking is a cognitive computing process that has recently evolved to become a technological concept. Organizations are now realizing and stressing upon the importance of right brain thinking in countering challenges.

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Corporate Training Programs Delivery

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