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Angular Js 2 & Node JS

Angular Js 2 & Node JS

Angular JS and Node Js are probably one of the important open source front end web application development frameworks which are being used through out the IT industry today. Developed by Google itself, the frameworks are highly flexible and robust and have been responsible for the development of a number of applications. Both the frameworks are JAVA based and concepts such as Model view controller, model view model, event driven architecture, asynchronous I/O and more. Some of the well known applications of AngularJS include the websites of Wolfram Alpha NBC, Walgreens, Intel, Sprint, ABC News and that of NodeJS include, GoDaddy, Groupon, Paypal, Netflix, Walmart, Microsoft and more. Aurelius provides proficiencies in both of these frameworks as combined package in the form of consultative learning solutions which can be used by organizations to make their workforce skilled in it. These solutions are built from scratch as per the exact requirements and needs of the client and come with an integrated high internal rate of return which will lead to very high ROI for the clients and a perennial increase in the revenue generation. Aurelius believes in tangible and measurable results and this is what our insourcing solutions are meant to provide.

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