Become a Subject Matter Expert

Aurelius Corporate Solutions are the market leaders in the domain of insourcing solution provider for various Industries . With deep rooted ties in the industry all over the globe and a powerful store house of knowledge resources we call upon the industry professionals and experts of the industry to join us as subject matter experts. We strive to provide the subject matter experts with opportunities to help them spread their knowledge and expertise and do what they love - train, enhance and solve problems.

We provide privileged experiences to the experts considering how important they are to our services. Joining us would provide them with a global platform where in you will have the opportunity to travel all over the globe and work with professionals from all walks of the industry. We promise you experiences you would have never experienced before. The technology and industrial exposure that you will receive during your travels and training providence tenures will be tremendous and will help you immensely to grow you career while also getting benefits.

Considering how important our experts are to us, Aurelius Corporate Solutions makes it imperative that our experts are provided the best in class rewards during their training providence period. Apart from the monetary benefits; which will always be the best in the industry; we make sure to make it a rewarding experience and provide immense opportunities to rediscover your potential and talent that too with all expenses taken care of by us, during the period of providing solutions to the client with team Aurelius.

Joining us as a Subject Matter Expert in whichever field or industrial domain you work in might just be one of the most advantageous career decisions you make. We are not limited to any single industrial domain and work in all domains ranging from Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, IT, Oil and Gas to Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Automotive and much more.

Aurelius Corporate Solutions provides L3 and above consultative insourcing solutions which are meant to enable the workforce of the client itself to empower their business, solve problems and mitigate risk through more of internal control of business and enhance the business IP. We call out to all the experts in the industry willing to impart their knowledge and grow in the process to come join us in the Aurelius Mission.