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Virtual-Real Training

Aurelius Corporate Solutions provides various training solutions in different domains of niche technologies encompassing IT and engineering. Our virtual-real training programs are based on highly intuitive and cognitive concepts where we focus solely on the delivery of knowledge in the most effective manner. We strive to inculcate the ideas and knowledge of the respective domain in the trainee rather that just delivering the information.

We believe in being Knowledge Solutions Integrators and not just knowledge providers. Our virtual-real training programs encompass a number of high end IT technologies such as iOS, MS OFFICE 365, MS WINDOWS10 ADMINISTRATOR, MACHINE LEARNING and Cloud Computing among many others. We constantly update our training programs to suit the needs of the industry and to keep pace with the constant and dynamic technological developments. The webinars always follow the contemporary technological trends in order to assure that our clients are ahead in the technological race.


In our Virtual-Real training programs, we provide training in real time with a highly qualified professional at our end. The trainer will go through the theoretical as well as the practical aspects of the technology in question and breeze through every nook and corner of its complexities. These webinars are highly interactive with options of putting up comments and queries which are solved immediately by the online trainer. Our webinars ensure the perfect amalgam of man and machine and eliminate the shortcomings of dedicated offline or online training concepts. All the trainings are done in real-time with the technological tools being worked upon on the trainers end for the trainee to see. Since the trainer is always online during the entire training process there is no possibility at all that any step or any training element is missed. The trainee will always be in interaction with the trainer in order to maintain a proper channeling of information and knowledge. To ensure the delivery of result, there will always be a constant feedback mechanism between the trainee and the trainer to ensure that the trainee reaches the desired levels of competency.

Our virtual-real training programs work on both B2B and B2C modes. We ensure that the mode and content of delivery are well suited for the end user. Be it organizational employees or just students, we create our training programs with the end user in mind. We also provide a number of free webinars to spread knowledge on various technological domains. The webinars can be accessed through our online channel by attending them at the time of hosting. Our organization has already conducted a number of webinars and with many under progress in the ongoing sessions. All our webinars have been an immense success with nothing but positive results and feedbacks.

Our webinar packages encompass entire suits of training including supplementary material for the trainee to work on. We don't stop at just providing the information but go one step ahead and make sure that the knowledge is inculcated as a cognitive process in the trainee. We provide a sustainable training process in which the trainee will experience deterministic growth and quantifiable results. The various elements of our webinar programs work in a harmonious way to incorporate the core competencies of the technology

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