Corporate Social Responsibility

At Aurelius Corporate Solutions, we deeply believe in giving back as we gain from the society and the world. Being a relatively young organization, we are still in the development phase of realizing and implementing our various Corporate Social Responsibilities. We already have our organization attached with a few local NGOs (Non-government organizations) and are helping them with all possible resources that we can provide.

We closely monitor all our resource funds to make sure that our help goes in the right direction in order to help the needy in the society. Our organization sets aside a portion of our funds every year for the sole purpose of helping various social causes and social organizations. We try to inculcate a sense of responsibility in our employees towards the society and the world in order to provide them with a sense of purpose to their work. We believe that this concept of work not only helps the society but also helps strengthen our workforce with moral values and ethics which acts as motivation in their endeavors. We often conduct social drives through our organization in which we motivate our employees to help the needy by providing them with their old and no-longer needed goods.In such drives we also provide a significant monetary or pro-visionary help from the company's side to those in need.

Being a knowledge resource distributor in essence we also aim to join hands with various governmental schools and/or NGOs which help run small schools or educational classes in the near future. A plan to create an efficient school level education distribution model is in progress which will integrate a number of social organizations and educational institutions to provide education to our future members of the society. We firmly believe that spread of education and literacy is the foremost requirement of the contemporary society and will definitely lead to the elimination of a number of social evils. There are also various plans in the pipeline to spread our industry level knowledge resources to those who are in need and are highly talented, completely free of cost. It is our belief that if we help even one determined individual in realizing his/her goals, it will go a long way in making the world a much better place.

Apart from such societal causes we have already incorporated environment efficient and sustainable business systems in our corporation. We make sure that most of the work is done on soft copy with least amount of paper usage. The power systems are energy efficient and use top of the class energy saving equipment. We plan to hire professionals in the near future to make our organization as energy efficient as possible to leave the least possible carbon footprint. We believe that having the capacity of gaining resources is not just an advantage but also a responsibility to act as a channel to provide the gained resources to those in need also. We work diligently to be an example of social responsibility in the corporate world.

Aurelius is an active donor to the following Institutions:
2. Gopal Charities
3. RP Trust
4. Shri Sai Trust
5. Old age Homes
6. Indian Army

Aurelius In Service of Society

 Distributing free food to needy - November 2018

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 Distributing blankets to the homeless in winter season - December 2017

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 Distributing free food to needy - November 2017

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 Distributing free food & water - June 2017

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 Distributing free food to needy - April 2017

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