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This web-based training course on SAP HRM functionality, administration and development, is available online to all individuals, institutions, corporates and enterprises in India (New Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkatta), US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, United Arab Emirates (UAE), China and South Africa. No matter where you are located, you can enroll for any training with us - because all our training sessions are delivered online by live instructors using interactive, intensive learning methods.

SAP Human Resource Management solutions is a widely used tool for managing employees in business enterprises. The basic aspects which SAP HR deals with are payroll and time management using its Time Management and Payroll Management modules and especially for time and cost sensitive jobs. The HR department of any organization has a large number of responsibilities which are to be dealt with to provide efficient and smooth workflow in the organization with respect to the employee performance and work values. SAP HR management helps in providing robustness to all these jobs through automated and non-linear management models for the HR department. The various aspects of time segregation of employees, payroll segregation of employees based on time and competency and several other factors are taken into account to provide a well structured human resourcing model based on the organization's specific requirement. HR management being as important as it is for any organization, SAP HR provides the required power and robustness to take an organization to the required and expected employee potential.

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Course Details

This SAP human resource management online training course starts with an introduction to the SAP environment, its organizational structure and architecture along with the usage of its navigation tools. The various methods of managing personnel administration tasks and organizational management will be dealt in detail with a practical and applicative approach. In this SAP HR online training the trainees will learn to design work schedules, create time management module tasks, create accounting department posting and generate reports among many other aspects. Additionally, the travelling module tasks will also be explained on a sub-surface level. A number of hands-on and real world projects will be included in the training program to make the trainees well versed in the practical aspects of the tool. To successfully complete this SAP HR certification course, it is advised that the trainees have a basic understanding of human resourcing and human capital management.

Organization Management

  • Organizational Objects
  • Maintain Object Types
  • Maintain Number Ranges
  • Maintain Info types
  • Maintain Subtypes
  • Maintain Relationship's
  • Define Time constrain depending on the target Object type
  • Maintain Personal actions
  • Hands on the Above topics

Introduction to Personal Administration

  • Enterprise Structure / Company Structure
  • Personal Structure & Organization Structure
  • Employee Hiring & Maintaining HR Master Data
  • Maintain Infotypes & Introduction to Primary Infotypes
  • Personal Actions & Additional Actions / Dynamic Actions
  • Hands On Building Up Enterprise structure
  • Master Data Maintenance
  • Mandatory Info types
  • Integration with Time & Payroll


  • Introduction to Benefits
  • Introduction to Enrollment
  • Benefit Plan Structure
  • Introduction to Benefit Category
  • Different Benefit Categories
  • Introduction to Benefit Plan type
  • Introduction to Benefit Plans
  • Introduction to Benefit area
  • Info types used for different Benefit Categories
  • Eligibility
  • Participation
  • Costs of Plans
  • Different Control tables used in Benefits

Time Management

  • Time Recording
  • Time Evaluation
  • Negative Time Recording & Positive Time Recording
  • Sheet' s , ESS, CATS
  • Work schedules & work schedules Rules (Pre requisite)
  • Public holiday Calendar, counting rules,
  • Attendance / Absences / Substitutions / Regular WT
  • Shift Management( Day program, Calculation of Pay, Compensation
  • Overtime, Breaks Schedules
  • Hands on the above topics

SAP - Pay Roll

  • Payroll area, payroll control record, Date modifier, payroll periods
  • Basic Pay Info types (0008)
  • Pay scale area, Pay scale type & pay scale group configuration
  • Primary & Secondary Wage types
  • Payroll Process
  • Gross Pay (Pro-rated pay, basic pay, overtime
  • Bonuses, Recurring payments & deductions Additional payments & deductions )
  • Payroll cycle ( HR Master Data & Time Management Data )
  • Pre requisites (Payroll Org, Basic pay, wage types, info types )
  • Payroll Run
  • Payroll integration ( FI/CO, Benefits, Time, PA, Payroll)
  • Payroll Accounting & Payroll cycle
  • Payroll Processing
  • Simulation
  • Release Payroll
  • Start Payroll
  • Check Result
  • Corrections
  • Exit Payroll
  • Remuneration statement
  • About Schema‚Äôs & Features
  • Payroll Driver
  • About T710 & T510 tables.
  • Complete Hands on Individual Process


  • Universal Work List (UWL)
  • Security
  • Development
  • Authorization
  • Organization Structure
  • Data Migration
  • Specification Documents Technical / Functional
  • Business Blue Prints
  • Global Template
  • Configuration Documents

Other Benefits

  • Interview Guidance
  • Support for future projects
  • Real time scenarios
  • Mock interview questions
  • Hands on real time scenarios
  • Placement assistance

Live Instructor-led & Interactive Online Sessions

Regular Course

Duration : 40 Hours

Capsule Course

Duration : 4-8 Hours

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