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Universe Unidata Db

Universe is an extended and enlarged Relation database server which has been developed for being embedded in vertical applications. A nested relational database model is incorporated in UniVerse, with NoSQL access to the data. This provides inherent intuitive data modelling and decreased number of resulting tables. With UniVerse, high performance business solutions and efficient database structures can be effectively delivered. It cuts down the speed and time taken for delivery to the market with the help of advanced audit logging as well as account based licensing.

The data is protected and around the clock availability is provided to the enterprise applications. Another flexible feature of UniVerse is that it easily gets integrated with third party software and sb/external data sources.

The software runs on Unix, linux and windows operating system. UniVerse is the derivative of Pick operating system and includes developer and web enabling technologies consisting of SystemBuilder/SB+, SB/XA, U2 web development Environment, UniObjects and Wintegrate. The entire System structure of UniVerse involves accounts, files, hashed files, non-hashed files, records and data. The software is structured on the BASIC language similar to Pick/BASIC which also incidentally operates on the structure of multi-value database. Along with BASIC they also have a structured database query language which is used to select records for further processing and also for ad hoc queries and reports. In terms of security, UniVerse supports a TLS transport level data encryption which allows file level encryption of data using OpenSSL. Additionally API encryption functionality is also incorporated in the software to allow custom made solutions or to meet specific requirements.

UniVerse brings to table the power of multi-value database management. It stores meta-data in an extremely novel manner as compared to regular Data base management systems. None of the files or tables have a definitive schema. Instead of this, there are one or more dictionary files which possess the explanation of how the data should be interpreted. This means that the operator can now store multiple interpretation of the data such as raw, uppercase, lowercase etc. UniVerse is not just a DBMS but an entire application platform which provides immense power in data management and possibilities.

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Course Details

This course on UniVerse data base management system takes the trainee through the introduction data base structure and navigation structure of the software. The various commands and program controls are explored and comprehensive information is provided. All the concepts of Unidata, Unibasics and Uniquery are explained in detail and thoroughly. The course is more tool application focused than theory focused in order to give the trainees a profound usability experience and procedures.

  • Installation of Unidata RDMS
  • Overview of Unidata
  • Database Structure
  • Using UniData
  • UniData Commands
  • About VOC File
  • Creating Virtual attributes
  • Lab Exercises
  • Introduction to Unibasic
  • Program Control
  • Creating and Running a Program(Compile,Catalog)
  • Maintaining Data in Files
  • Using Unidata Locks
  • Working with Data in Programs
  • Dimentioned Array Strecture
  • Introduction to UniQuery
  • UniQuery Commands
  • The Basics of UniQuery
  • Creating and using Select Lists
  • Process Standards
  • Introduction of SB+/Customized Editors (Reporting Tools)
  • Intrduction on screens, menus, report in SB+
  • Editor and stack commands
  • Create and modify source code using the line editor
  • Introduction to ED/AE/SE editor

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