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TrackWise Sparta (Course code: ALS11211116)

TrackWise in essence acts as an event tracking and resolution tool in today's contemporary industry of high quality requirements. It is an essential Enterprise Quality Management software which helps organizations in regulating and mitigating risks along with product improvement and quality management. It works to maintain safety in the workplace and manage compliances. The software is mostly used in industries which require high levels of quality control and assurance along with high risk regulatory affairs. In order to centralize processes and automate the reporting procedures across the global chain, TrackWise comes in handy.

The fundamental aim of TrackWise is to streamline the processes involved in a system of organization while complying with regulatory requirements. This is done to ensure that there is optimal quality control and risks of error amplification across the supply chain are reduced. TrackWise supports all the possible elements of quality control management such as audit management, CAPA , complaint management, change control, product registration tracking and much more. Being a central control platform for all such quality control processes it considerably reduces along with the management and procedural costs. The final result is the improved quality and minimized error amplification in the final product.

In the forthcoming industrial world, the customer is becoming increasingly updated and open minded. The customer realizes the importance and need for quality products and thus, it becomes essential for the organization to provide for such quality products. It is needless to say that the requirement for such quality management tools will only grow with the burgeoning industrial revolution.

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Course Details

This TrackWise certification course takes the trainees through the operability and handling of TrackWise as an Enterprise Quality Management tool. The trackwise tutorial defines the system functionalities and capabilities along with a deep understanding of how to implement TrackWise from the end user perspective. During the trackwise training more focus is given on the hands-on practical approach of learning TrackWise in order to develop quality control methodologies that can be implemented through it.

Introduction to Trackwise

  • Navigation of Trackwise User Interface
  • Common Concepts and terminologies of Trackwise, e.g., workflow, states, activities, and locking
  • Opening Records
  • Development of the Record through perform only and schedulable activities
  • Analyzing family tree of records
  • Data entry and updates
  • Discovering next steps in a record’s workflow
  • User Settings Management
  • Using reference records to relate records
  • Using Audit Trails for Analysis of  a record’s history
  • Formation of scopes and queries to locate records
  • Making use of Crystal Reports and TrackWise Analytics for Integrated reporting
  • Establishment and use of Dashboard views for more efficient task management

Technical Fundamentals of Trackwise

  • Brief Introduction to the Trackwise Architecture
  • Setup of Windows and Database
  • Formation of databases and schemas
  • Installing TrackWise
  • Installing TrackWise Utilities
  • Web application and underlying software installation
  • Brief Overview of TrackWise configuration migratory, related terminologies and installation
  • Using Snapshot to Lock down configuration
  • Making configuration changes, migrating and verification
  • Getting a deep understanding of what is and is not migrated
  • Adding an additional environment to the migration path
  • Best Migration practices and troubleshooting
  • Tables included in migration
  • Setup and Testing of TrackWise Coordinator service
  • Troubleshooting/logs

Advanced Administration and Configuration of Trackwise

  • Getting in-depth knowledge about TrackWise implementation at multiple locations
  • Creation of multiple divisions containing multiple projects
  • Defining the roles of to provide membership to multiple divisions/projects
  • Creation of global dashboards for monitoring records from multiple divisions/projects and distribute to users
  • Configure TrackWise Coordinator  to account for various time zones
  • Employing TrackWise Coordinator priority groups
  • Utilize multiple TrackWise Coordinator services
  • Using external fields
  • Tested and Proven practices with reference record fields
  • Making use of hidden fields and virtual group categories
  • Using question fields

Use of Coordinator for:

  • Auto trending
  • Auto alerts
  • Decision trees
  • Hidden fields
  • Auto numbering
  • Copying data from one field to another
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