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DevOps Tools (Course code: ALS10211116)

DevOps is a concept that has been developing tremendously in the past few years. The need and requirement for the integration of different elements of a process model has led to the rise of DevOps tools. The concept in itself is the amalgamation of software development system and information technology. Or, in layman’s terms a combined effort of software developers and information technologists.

The very aim of DevOps is to shorten and automate the process of software development and delivery. This involves the entire procedure of development, testing and final delivery which with DevOps can be made increasingly efficient and effective. DevOps may also be termed as a set of procedures and tools which help in creating the communication between development, Quality control and IT operations. By bridging this gap between development and operations along with the focus on contiguous integration paves the way for more efficient software development models.

With the development of this technological tradition of integrating development and operations of software creation models a large number of tools have developed which fit into more than one categories of the elements of the software development and delivery process. These are: coding, building, testing , packaging, releasing, configuring and monitoring.

The DevOps concept inherently aims to span the entire delivery pipeline. Application DevOps tools hopes to improve the deployment frequency which in turn will lead to lesser time taken to reach the market and decreased failure rates of new releases. Even bug fixing and recovery time can also be shortened in order to improve operability. Most of these ideas involved in the DevOps have been developed from enterprise management systems and Agile software movements.

There are a number of effective DevOps tools available in the market today which can be used in any organization involving software development and delivery. Some of the most popular are, NAgios , Monit, ELK, Consul.io, and Jenkins. DevOps tools is such a simple and easily implementable concept that every organization is either conducting research or implementing this concept and tools in their work area.

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Course overview

This DevOps training course is for trainees to develop an entirely novel and integrated thinking procedure of combining the development and operational departments of software delivery. Considering this is an entirely novel concept, first the trainees are introduced to the building blocks and history of DevOps. Further, in this DevOps online training course, the building concepts and practices in DevOps will be introduced and explained. Various methods of integration and delivery have been explored and explained to understand a better understanding of DevOps.

Introduction to DevOps

  • Introduction to the definition
  • Value
  • History
  • Building blocks
  • Best practices of DevOps

Unifying process between development and operations

  • Introduction to Agile software development process as applied to DevOps
  • Integrating source control in DevOps
  • Applying automation to DevOps

Continuous Integration (CI), testing and deployment

  • Introducing key concepts
  • Benefits, tools, and methods of implementing Continuous Integration (CI), testing, and deployment

Configuration and release management, and monitoring and learning

  • Introducing the key concepts
  • Benefits, tools and practices of applying release management, configuration management and monitoring
  • Learning in DevOps
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